Thursday, 12 February 2015

R. Scott & Co. - Famous Football Teams No. 4 - Second Edition

Famous Football Teams No. 4 - Second Edition
R. Scott & Co.
Unknown number

A superb photo album issued in the early 1900's - see the comments below.

Bedminster (with advert - Jacksons Famous Hats)

Bolton Wanderers (with Southampton)
Bristol City (with Tottenham Hotspur)
Crewe Alexandra (with Middlesbrough)
Grimsby Town (with advert - Cycling)
Leicester Fosse (with Walsall)
Middlesbrough (with Crewe Alexandra)
Southampton (with Bolton Wanderers)
Tottenham Hotspur (with Bristol City)
Walsall (with Leicester Fosse)


  1. Fantastic stuff Alan. I believe it's for 1899-1900, as the Southampton photo is listed as that elsewhere. The Reading team picture from that season is one that I'm missing, so I'm hopeful that it exists!

    1. Thanks Chris, missed that. I'll amend the date.


  2. Hi Alan

    I feel sure that the 1899-1900 date is too early. The Crewe team photo shows Frank Hesham (who later played for Croydon Common) - but he did not join Crewe until June 1901, having spent the four previous seasons with Manchester City. So I don't think that the set can predate this date.

    I too have the Southampton team group listed as 1899-1900 (I have it as it contains Sam Meston who later joined Croydon Common), so I suspect that it was a couple of years old by the time that it appeared in this set.

    Kind regards


    1. Hi Alan,

      Thank you for your input, it certainly must be a year or two later. I think I'll just list it as 1900's for now, or until we get a more definite date.


  3. Well, that's intriguing then! When they issued these things, didn't they realise a load of old duffers would want to know the date?!


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