Monday, 13 January 2014

Quaker Oats - Honey Monster's Soccer Pop Ups (Sugar Puffs)

Honey Monster's Soccer Pop Ups
Quaker Oats / Sugar Puffs
7 cards

These cards could be opened to display a pop-up photo of the featured player.

Darren Anderton
Steve McManaman
Gary Neville
David Seaman
Alan Shearer
Gareth Southgate
Honey Monster   -   added 25-01-2020   -   thanks to Penno55


  1. Hi Alan
    This is really a set of 7 as Honey Monster appears as a pop up but it is a win card and I guess they were all sent in to Quaker..perhaps excepting the one I have

  2. Thank you, I'll update the list.


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