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Clevedon Confectionery - CLE-210a/b / CLZ-14 Football Club Managers


CLE-210a/b / CLZ-14 Football Club Managers
Clevedon Confectionery

Two versions of these cards are available, as shown above. 

CLE-210a/CLZ-14 Football Club Managers - Blue background

CLE-210b/CLZ-14 Football Club Managers - Mauve background

1.  L. McDowall (Manchester City)

2.  J. Anderson (Tottenham Hotspur)
3.  R. Brocklebank (Hull City)
4.  C. Britton (Preston North End)
5.  W. Anderson (Lincoln City)
6.  J. Trotter (Charlton Atheltic)
7.  H. Catterick (Sheffield Wednesday)
8.  D. Russell (Bury)
9.  J. Harris (Chester)
10.  J. Mercer (Sheffield United)
11.  W. Walker (Nottingham Forest)
12.  H. Potts (Burnley)
13.  B. Ridding (Bolton Wanderers)
14.  Alex Chilton (Grimsby Town)
15.  H. Johnston (Reading)
16.  Bill Lane (Brighton & Hove Albion)
17.  A. Stock (Leyton Orient)
18.  A. Brown (Sunderland)
19.  J. Love (Wrexham)
20.  M. Busby (Manchester United)
21.  T. Drake (Chelsea)
22.  R. Burgess (Watford)  -  Blue background
22.  T. Morris (Swansea Town)  -  photo of Ron Burgess  -  Mauve background
23.  Stan Cullis (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
24.  W. Moir (Stockport County)
25.  V. Buckingham (West Bromwich Albion)
26.  S. Bartram (York City)
27.  J. Harvey (Workington)
28.  W. Lucas (Newport County)
29.  Bert Tann (Bristol Rovers)
30.  W. Shankly (Huddersfield Town)
31.  Bill Dennison (Middlesborough)
32.  I. Buchan (Everton)
33.  J. Rowley (Plymouth Argyle)
34.  A. Beasley (Birmingham City)
35.  W. Houghton (Aston Villa)
36.  J. Carey (Everton)
37.  J.S. Symon (Rangers)
38.  D. Livingstone (Chesterfield)
39.  E.W. Taylor (Sheffield Wednesday)
40.  E. T. Bates (Southampton)
41.  T. Walker (Heart of Midlothian)
42.  H. Shaw (Hibernian)
43.  W. Waddell (Kilmarnock)
44.  R.F. Ancell (Rangers)
45.  J. Haddow (Clyde)
46.  F. Taylor (Stoke City)
47.  J.R. Smith (Falkirk)
48.  J. McGrory (Celtic)
49.  W. Moore (Walsall)
50.  D. Halliday (Leicester City)

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