Sunday, 12 January 2014

Adkin and Sons - Sporting Cups & Trophies

Sporting Cups & Trophies
Adkin and Sons
30 (3 football)

1.  King's Gold Vase (Horse Racing)
2.  Ascot Gold Cup (Horse Racing)
3.  Waterloo Cup (Hare Coursing)
4.  Manchester Cup (Horse Racing)
5.  Coronation Cup (Horse Racing)
6.  The Amateur Hold Gold Challenge Vase (Golf)
7.  Royal Hunt Cup (Horse Racing)
8.  The Elco Challenge Shield (Rifle Shooting)
9.  The Sheriff of London Charity Shield (Football)
10.  Grand Challenge Vase (Rowing)
11.  Stewards Cup  (Rowing)
12.  Daily Mail Golf Challenge Cup - Runner Up (Golf)
13.  Daily Mail Golf Challenge Cup (Golf)
14.  Sculling Championship (Sculling)
15.  The New English Cup (Football)
16.  Lipton Bowling Cup (Bowls)
17.  Sir Thomas Dewar Bowling Cup (Bowls)
18.  Metropolitan Rifle Cup (Rifle Shooting)
19.  The Aldershot Football Cup (Football)
20.  Grand National Cup (Horse Racing)
21.  King's Cup Cowes Regatta (Sailing)
22.  Ladies Covered Court Championship (Lawn Tennis)
23.  American Polo Cup (Polo)
24.  Hurlingham Championship Cup (Polo)
25.  British Empire Michelin Cup No. 1 (Aviation)
26.  Gordon Bennett Aviation Cup (Aviation)
27.  Coupe de France (Yachting)
28.  Daily Telegraph Cup (Marching/Shooting)
29.  Croquet Championship Cup (Croquet)
30.  Coupe International (Sailing)

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