Monday 13 January 2014

Idis Fussball-Schokolade - Fußball Album (3)

Fußball Album
Idis Fussball-Schokolade
176 (11 per team)

Alexandra Koess has sent in a scan of some of the cards in this collection. Some are numbered, some are not. I don't know why this is.

1.  Platzer, Peter (Admira)
2.  Janda, Anton (Admira)
12.  Rafti, Rudolf (Rapid)
16.  Smistik, Josef (Rapid)
19.  Binder, Franz (Rapid)
31.  Sindelar, Matthias (Austria)
34.  Horeschofsky, Karl (Vienna)
37.  Machu, Lee (?)
47.  Sesta, Karl (W.A.C.)
56.  Plaschka, Josef (F.C. Wien)
63.  Horwath, Hans (F.C. Wien)
73.  Langer, Karl (F.A.C.)
Franzl, Friedrich (Sportklub)
Geiter, Rudolf (Sportklub)
Jany, Otto (W.A.C.)
Puschmann, Karl (F.C. Wien)
Riegler, Franz (F.C. Wien)
Thaller, Gustav (W.A.C.)
Weiss, Anton (F.A.C.)

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