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John Player & Sons - Association Cup Winners

Association Cup Winners
John Player & Sons

A set of 50 cards with one known error card that has been corrected. A sheet of 12 cards was reproduced in 1981 by the Daily Mirror to celebrate the 100th F.A. Cup Final.
UPDATE (05-05-2015):  Roger Pashby has informed me of an error card issued in this collection, though it was never corrected. You'll find the details in the relevant section below.

1.  The Old Cup
2.  The Present Cup
3.  The Medals
4.  Blackburn Olympic (1883)
Hacking, Ward, Warburton, Gibson, Astley, Hunter, Dewhurst, Matthews, Wilson, Costley, Yates 
5.  Blackburn Rovers (1884)
Arthur, Beverley, Suter, McIntyre, Hargreaves, Forrest, Lofthouse, Douglas, Sowerbutts, Inglis, Brown 
6.  Blackburn Rovers (1885)
Arthur, Turner, Suter, McIntyre, Haworth, Forrest, Lofthouse, Douglas, Brown, Fecitt, Sowerbutts 
7.  Blackburn Rovers (1886)
Arthur, Turner, Suter, Douglas, Forrest, McIntyre, Walton, Strachan, Brown, Fecitt, Sowerbutts 
8.  Aston Villa (1887)
Warner, Coulton, Simmonds, Yates, Dawson, Burton, Davis, Brown, Hunter, Vaughton, Hodgetts 
9.  West Bromwich Albion (1888)
Roberts, Aldridge, Green, Horton, Perry, Timmins, Bassett, Woodhall, Bayliss, Wilson, Pearson 
10.  Preston North End (1889)
Mills-Roberts, Howarth, Holmes, Drummond, Russell, Graham, Gordon, Ross, Goodall, Dewhurst, Thompson 
11.  Blackburn Rovers (1890)
Horne, Southworth, Forbes, Barton, Dewar, Forrest, Lofthouse, Campbell, Southworth, Walton, Townley 
12.  Blackburn Rovers (1891)
Pennington, Brandon, Forbes, Barton, Dewar, Forrest, Lofthouse, Walton, Southworth, Hall, Townley 
13.  West Bromwich Albion (1892)
Reader, Nicholson, McCulloch, Reynolds, Perry, Groves, Bassett, McLeod, Nicholls, Pearson, Geddes 
14.  Wolverhampton Wanderers (1893)
Rose, Baugh, Swift, Malpass, Allen, Kinsey, Topham, Wykes, Butcher, Wood, Griffin 
15.  Notts County (1894)
Toone, Harper, Hendry, Bramley, Calderhead, Shelton, Watson, Donnelly, Logan, Bruce, Daft 
16.  Aston Villa (1895)
Wilkes, Spencer, Welford, Reynolds, Cowan, Russell, Athersmith, Chatt, Devey, Hodgetts, Smith 
17.  Sheffield Wednesday (1896)
Massey, Earp, Langley, Brandon, Crawshaw, Petrie, Brash, Brady, Bell, Davis, Spiksley 
18.  Aston Villa (1897)
Whitehouse, Spencer, Evans, Reynolds, Cowan, Crabtree, Devey, Athersmith, Campbell, Wheldon, Cowan 
19.  Nottingham Forest (1898)
Allsop, Richie, Scott, Forman, McPherson, Wragg, McInnes, Richards, Benbow, Capes, Spouncer 
20.  Sheffield United (1899)
Foulke, Thickett, Boyle, Johnson, Morren, Needham, Bennett, Beers, Hedley, Almond, Priest 
21.  Bury (1900)
Thompson, Darrock, Davidson, Pray, Leeming, Ross, Richards, Wood, McLuckie, Sagar, Plant 
22.  Tottenham Hotspur (1901)
Clawley, Erentz, Tait, Norris, Hughes, Jones, Smith, Cameron, Brown, Copeland, Kirwan 
23.  Sheffield United (1901)
Foulke, Thickett, Boyle, Johnson, Morren, Needham, Bennett, Field, Hedley, Priest, Lipsham 
24.  Sheffield United (1902)
Foulke, Thickett, Boyle, Needham, Wilkinson, Johnson, Barnes, Common, Hedley, Priest, Lipsham 
25.  Southampton (1902)
Robinson, Fry, Molyneux, Meston, Bowman, Lee, Turner, Wood, Brown, Chadwick, Turner 
26.  Bury (1903)
Monteith, Lindsey, McEwen, Johnson, Thorpe, Ross, Richards, Wood, Sagar, Leeming, Plant 
27.  Manchester City (1904)
Hillman, McMahon, Burgess, Frost, Hynds, Ashworth, Meredith, Livingstone, Gillespie, Turnbull, Booth 
28.  Aston Villa (1905)
George, Spencer, Miles, Pearson, Leake, Windmill, Brawn, Garraty, Hampton, Bache, Hall 
29.  Everton (1906)
Scott, Balmer, Crelly, Makepeace, Taylor, Abbott, Sharp, Bolton, Young, Settle, Hardman 
30.  Sheffield Wednesday (1907)
Lyall, Layton, Burton, Brittleton, Crawshaw, Bartlett, Chapman, Bradshaw, Wilson, Stewart, Simpson 
31.  Wolverhampton Wanderers (1908)
Lunn, Jones, Collins, Hunt, Wooldridge, Bishop, Harrison, Shelton, Hedley, Radford, Pedley 
32.  Manchester United (1909)
Moger, Stacey, Hayes, Duckworth, Roberts, Bell, Meredith, Halse, Turnbull, Turnbull, Wall 
33.  Newcastle United (1910)
Lawrence, McCracken, Carr, Veitch, Low, McWilliam, Rutherford, Howie, Shepherd, Higgins, Wilson 
34.  Bradford City (1911)
Mellors, Campbell, Taylor, Robinson, Torrance, McDonald, Logan, Speirs, O'Rourke, Devine, Thompson 
35.  Newcastle United (1911)
Lawrence, McCracken, Whitson, Veitch, Low, Willis, Rutherford, Jobey, Stewart, Higgins, Wilson 
36.  Barnsley (1912)
Cooper, Downs, Taylor, Glendinning, Bratley, Utley, Bartrop, Tufnell, Lillycrop, Travers, Moore 
37.  West Bromwich Albion (1912)
Pearson, Cook, Pennington, Baddeley, Buck, McNeal, Jephcott, Wright, Pailor, Bowser, Shearman 
38.  Aston Villa (1913)
Hardy, Lyons, Weston, Barber, Harrop, Leach, Wallace, Halse, Hampton, Stephenson, Bache 
39.  Burnley (1914)
Sewell, Bamford, Taylor, Halley, Boyle, Watson, Nesbit, Lindley, Freeman, Hodgson, Mosscrop 
40.  Sheffield United (1915)
Gough, Cook, English, Sturgess, Brelsford, Utley, Simmons, Fazackerley, Kitchen, Masterman, Evans 
41.  Aston Villa (1920)
Hardy, Smart, Weston, Ducat, Barson, Moss, Wallace, Kirton, Walker, Stephenson, Dorrell 
42.  Tottenham Hotspur (1921)
Hunter, Clay, McDonald, Smith, Walters, Grimsdell, Banks, Seed, Cantrell, Bliss, Dimmock 
43.  Huddersfield Town (1922)
Mutch, Wood, Wadsworth, Slade, Wilson, Watson, Richardson, Mann, Islip, Stephenson, Smith 
44.  Bolton Wanderers (1923)
Pym, Haworth, Finney, Nuttall, Seddon, Jennings, Butler, Smith, Jack, Smith, Vizard 
45.  Newcastle United (1924)
Bradley, Hampson, Hudspeth, Mooney, Spencer, Gibson, Low, Cowan, Harris, McDonald, Seymour 
46.  Sheffield United (1925)
Sutcliffe, Cook, Milton, Pantling, King, Green, Mercer, Boyle, Johnson, Gillespie, Tunstall 
47.  Bolton Wanderers (1926)
Pym, Haworth, Greenhalgh, Nuttall, Seddon, Jennings, Butler, Smith, Jack, Smith, Vizard 
48.  Cardiff City (1927)
Farquharson, Nelson, Watson, Keenor, Sloan, Hardy, Curtis, Irving, Ferguson, Davies, McLachlan 
49.  Blackburn Rovers (1928)
Crawford, Hutton, Jones, Healless, Rankin, Campbell, Thornewell, Puddefoot, Roscamp, McLean, Rigby 
50.  Bolton Wanderers (1929)
Pym, Haworth, Finney, Kean, Seddon, Nuttall, Butler, McClelland, Blackmore, Gibson, Cook 

Association Cup Winners - errors/varieties

45.  Newcastle United (1924) - Hardy scored

45.  Newcastle United (1924) - Harris scored
43.  Huddersfield Town (1922)
Mutch, Wood, Wadsworth, Slade, Wilson, Watson, Richardson, Mann, Islip, Stephenson, Smith 
          Stephenson is labelled Smith, Smith is labelled Islip,
          Islip is labelled Mann and Mann is labelled Stephenson  -  thanks to Roger Pashby

Association Cup Winners - 1981 reprint for Daily Mirror's 100 FA Cups supplement - unnumbered

The Old Cup
Blackburn Olympic (1883)
Blackburn Rovers (1884)
Blackburn Rovers (1835)
Blackburn Rovers (1886)
Aston Villa (1887)
West Bromwich Albion (1888)
Preston North End (1889)
Blackburn Rovers (1890)
Blackburn Rovers (1891)
West Bromwich Albion (1892)
Woverhampton Wanderers (1893)

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