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Topical Times - TOP-160-1&2/TOA-15-1a&2a Footballers - Triple Portraits

TOP-160-1/TOA-15-1a - Footballers - Triple Portraits
TOP-160-2/TOA-15-2a - Footballers - Triple Portraits - Scottish
Topical Times

Large triple panel portraits of footballers. Different series were issued in England and Scotland. I've included issue dates for some cards, where known.
UPDATE (19-09-2017 15:53):  Matthew Zubrot has provided scans of three of the Scottish cards and for some reason some of the triple cards I listed were combined incorrectly. I have now been able to check all the Scottish cards and the list is now correct, though there is still some work to be done in discovering which issues they were issued with.

TOP-160-1/TOA-15-1a - Footballers - Triple Portraits

Benjamin Craig (Huddersfield Town), James Milne (Preston North End), Cyril Trigg (Birmingham)
Harry R. Hooper (Sheffield United),  William Cobley (Aston Villa), George J. Strong (Portsmouth)
Charles George Male (Arsenal), Jack Percival (Manchester City), Leonard Duns (Sunderland)
Idris Hopkins (Brentford), Tom Lawton (Everton), George T. Taylor (Bolton Wanderers)   - 11-09-1937 - #930
Arthur Tutin (Stoke City), Adolf Hanson (Liverpool), James Venn Hodgson (Grimsby Town)   - 18-09-1937 - #932
Walter Winterbottom (Manchester United), David S. Cumming (Middlesbrough), George Robinson (Charlton Athletic)   - 25-09-1937 - #933
William Morris (Wolverhampton Wanderers), George R. Mills (Chelsea), Robert Finan (Blackpool)   - 02-10-1937 - #934
Jack Robinson (Sheffield Wednesday), Leslie Miller (Tottenham Hotspur), Jesse Carver (Newcastle United)   - 09-10-1937 - #935

TOP-160-2/TOA-15-2a - Footballers - Triple Portraits - Scottish

James Dykes (Heart of Midlothian), George Paterson (Celtic), George Johnstone (Aberdeen)   - 29-08-1937 - #928
William Kinghorn (Queen's Park), Sam Hynds (Motherwell), George Anderson (Falkirk)   - 04-09-1937 - #929
Robert Bolt (Falkirk), David S. Cumming (Middlesbrough), Daniel McGarry (Morton)
Oliver Burns (Queen of the South), Hyam Dimmer (Ayr United), Frank O'Donnell (Preston North End)
Archibald Coates (Dundee), Alexander McSpayden (Partick Thistle), James McInnes (Third Lanark)
Atillio Becci (Arbroath), Charles George Male (Arsenal), John Crawford Gillies (Clyde)
Andrew Callan (St Mirren), James McLean (Hibernian), Samuel T. Ross (Kilmarnock)
Alec Kinnaird (Third Lanark), Leonard Duns (Sunderland), Peter McArthur (Motherwell)

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