Friday, 11 October 2013

Boys' Friend - BOY-290-3/BPJ-1-3 Famous Footballers

BOY-290-3 / BPJ-1-3 Famous Footballers
Boys' Friend
3 strips of 4 cards

These cards are quite rare, but they are evn harder to findin their original versions - Boys' Friend gave away three cards over three weeks - 2nd, 9th and 16th December, 1911. Each of the three cards featured a Famous Footballer, along with a Famous Boxer card, a Famous Regiments card and a Famous Flag card. I only have details of one of these complete sheets.

1.  Spiers (Bradford)
2.  Colin Veitch (Newcastle United)
3.  Windridge (Chelsea)

Famous Boxers - Bombadier Wells
Famous Regiments - Grenadier Guards
Famous Footballers - Colin Veitch (Newcastle United)
Famous Flags - The Royal Standard


  1. How much are these cards worth please?

    1. Two are listed at £12.99 for the pair:


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