Sunday, 6 October 2013

Packer's Chocolate - PAC-040-1/PAC-1-2 Footballers

PAC-040-1a/PAC-1-2 Footballers - Numbered - B&W
PAC-040-1b/PAC-1-2 Footballers - Numbered - Coloured
PAC-040-2/PAC-1-1 Footballers - Unnumbered - B&W
PAC-040-2/PAC-1-1 Footballers - Unnumbered - Coloured
Packer's Chocolate (H.J. Packer & Co. Ltd., Bristol)

Thirty small cards available in four different versions, numbered and unnumbered, coloured and black and white.

1.  B.C. Freeman (Everton)
2.  V.J. Woodward (Chelsea)
3.  A. Common (Middlesbrough)
4.  J. Howie (Newcastle United)
5.  C. Roberts (Manchester United)
6.  J. Ashcroft (Blackburn Rovers)
7.  G. Kitchen (West Ham Unied)
8.  W.T. Renneville (Aston Villa)
9.  A. Cartlidge (Aston Villa)
10.  S. Downing (Chelsea)
11.  J. Mordue (Sunderland)
12.  T.W. Boyle (Barnsley)
13.  J. Pennington (West Bromwich Albion)
14.  J. Sharp (Fulham)     -     Updated, thank to Paul(blue 50)
15.  G. Hilsdon (Chelsea)
16.  B. Warren (Chelsea)
17.  A. Shepherd (Newcastle United)
18.  C. Veitch (Newcastle United)
19.  W.H.O. Steer (Queens Park Rangers)
20.  J. Sharp (Everton)
21.  J. Parkinson (Liverpool)
22.  D. Steel (Tottenham Hotspur)
23.  R. Crompton (Blackburn Rovers)
24.  S. Hardy (Liverpool)
25.  J. Cottle (Bristol City)
26.  D. Shea (West Ham United)
27.  W. Wedlock (Bristol City)
28.  J.E. Windridge (Chelsea)
29.  J. Cantrell (Notts County)
30.  W. McCracken (Newcastle United)


  1. Hi
    number 14 is J Sharp Fulham not Everton(different player)
    as you state number 20 is Everton's Jack Sharp


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