Thursday, 10 October 2013

Anonymous - Footballers ~ Upper case/Title case (3)

Footballers - Upper case/Title case
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I originally had these cards listed in two separate posts. Unusual cards issued in Scotland, probably in the late 1950's or early 1960's. There's nothing on them to identify who produced them. The cards have a large plain border, with the players names printed in either upper case or title case. Prior to finding the above photos most of them seem to be Glasgow Rangers players. The photo size on the cards varies, the typeface varies...

Bertie Auld (Celtic) - Title case
Sammy Baird (Rangers) - Upper case
Willie Bauld (Hearts) - Title case
Ralph Brand (Rangers) - Upper case
Eric Caldow (Rangers) - Upper case
John Clark (Celtic) - Title case
Sammy Cox (Rangers) - Title case
Harold Davis (Rangers) - Upper case
Derek Grierson (Rangers) - Title case
Jim Hubbard (Rangers) - Upper case
Johnnie Hubbard (Rangers) - Title case
Don Kitchenbrand (Rangers) - Upper case
Bobby Lennox (Celtic) - Upper case
Johnny Little (Rangers) - Title case
Ian McColl (Rangers) - Title case
Billy McNeill (Celtic) - Upper case
Bobby Murdoch (Celtic) - Title case
Max Murray (Rangers) - Title case
Max Murray (Rangers) - Upper case
George Niven (Rangers) - Title case
George Niven (Rangers) - Upper case
John Prentice (Rangers) - Title case
Johnny Prentice (Rangers) - Title case
Alex Scott (Rangers) - Upper case
Bobby Shearer (Rangers) - Upper case
Billy Simpson (Rangers) - Title case
Billy Simpson (Rangers) - Upper case
R. Simpson (Celtic) - Upper case
Willie Waddell (Rangers) - Title case
Jimmy Walker (Hearts) - Title case
Willie Wallace (Celtic) - Title case
Jimmy Wardaugh (Hearts) - Title case

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