Sunday, 6 October 2013

Topical Times - TOP-140-1/TOA-14-1 Footballers ~ Large ~ Colour

TOP-140-1/TOA-14-1 - Footballers - Large - Colour
Topical Times

If I can get enough good photos I intend to include checklists of all the Topical Times cards issued through the 1920s and 1930s. This set is comprised of large coloured footballers (250 x 94mm) given away two at a time with Topical Times.

J. Atkinson (Bolton Wand.)
R. Baxter (Middlesbrough)
H. Betmead (Grimsby Town)
L. Butt (Huddersfield Town)    -  19-09-1936
W.J. Crayston (Arsenal)
W. Dale (Manchester City)
J. Dodds (Sheffield United)
A. Hastings (Sunderland)    -  19-09-1936
H. Hobbis (Charlton Athletic)    -  26-09-1936
C. Wilson Jones (Birmingham)
J. Mercer (Everton)
J. Nicholas (Derby County)    -  26-09-1936
C. Parker (Portsmouth)    -  12-09-1936
F. Soo (Stoke City)    -  12-09-1936
B. Sproston (Leeds United)
V. Woodley (Chelsea)

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