Thursday 6 May 2021

Topps - Match Attax 101 (2020-21) (05) - 001-101 - Match Attax 101

Match Attax 101
101 base cards

Topps have started previewing some of the cards so this post will eventually be a complete illustrated checklist of the Match Attax 101 base set. The checklist can be found here, only a partial one at the moment - Topps - Match Attax 101 (2020-21) (04) - Checklist.
UPDATE (27-04-2021 12:05):  Cards 71 to 85 added.
UPDATE (04-05-2021 21:15):  Cards 12 to 25 added.
UPDATE (06-05-2021 12:51):  The illustrated checklist is now complete.


  1. What is David Silva's country flag supposed to be?

    1. Hi,

      It's highlighting his club Real Sociedad, rather than his national flag.

  2. 101 cards, 100 players flashing his national flag but, not Neymar, not Lewandowski, Not Messi, just Silva, World Champion and 2 times European Champion, highlights his new basque club, after a 17-year career. I see... I hope this is a mistake and Topps will fix it.


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