Sunday, 2 May 2021

Ipswich Town F.C. - (1999-2000) Come and Join the Blues Crew - Britannia Building Society

Come and Join the Blues Crew
Ipswich Town F.C. / Britannia Building Society
17 cards

The cards are postcard size but I don't have a complete checklist.
UPDATE (05-05-2021 16:41):  Alasdair Ross has provided a complete checklist for this collection.

1.  Richard Wright
2.  Fabian Wilnis
3.  Jamie Clapham
4.  Jean-Manuel Thetis
5.  Tony Mowbray
6.  Mark Venus
7.  Mick Stockwell
8.  Matt Holland
9.  David Johnson
10.  James Scowcroft
11.  Jim Magilton
12.  Richard Naylor
14.  Jermaine Wright
15.  Marco Holster
16.  Adam Tanner
17.  Wayne Brown
24.  John McGreal

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