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Sage Collectibles - 2021 SportKings Volume 2

2021 SportKings Volume 2
Sage Collectibles
48 base cards

This is the sequel to the 2018 SportKings Volume 1 collection. The base cards have a familiar design and expected release date is 4 February, 2021, with 7 cards per pack, 1 pack per box and 12 boxes per case. This is a preliminary checklist and subject to change.
Tony Meola is the only footballer in the base set and he also appears in SportKings 2 Autographs, Relic, Grand Patch 1/1 and the Gary Kezele Sketch 1/1. Pele can be found amongst the Jared Kelley Portraits 1/1. Neymar and Ronaldo feature in Grand Patch 1/1 while Neymar is also included in the Gary Kezele Sketch 1/1 series. I will add images of the football cards as soon as they become available, none were provided by Sage when they released the checklist.

2021 SportKings Volume 2
38 cards
PARALLEL: 2021 SportKings Volume 2 - Green Text on back (Hobby) - Limited Edition 100
PARALLEL: 2021 SportKings Volume 2 - Blue (Blaster Box exclusive)
PARALLEL: 2021 SportKings Volume 2 - Mini (1:Hobby box) - Limited Edition 50
PARALLEL: 2021 SportKings Volume 2 - Red Back/Red Background 1/1 (Hobby)

49.  Emmitt Smith (Football)
50.  Darrell Waltrip (NASCAR)
51.  Curtis Martin (Football)
52.  Babe Ruth (Baseball)
53.  Chris Froome (Cycling)
54.  Rich "Goose" Gossage (Baseball)
55.  Sarah Hughes (Figure Skating)
56.  Kolohe Andino (Surfing)
57.  Steve LoBue (Extreme Diving)
58.  Jesse Burkett (Baseball)
59.  Bill Russell (Basketball)
60.  Edoardo Mangiarotti (Fencing)
61.  Ted Simmons (Baseball)
62.  Randall Cunningham (Football)
63.  Vashti Cunningham (Track and Field)
64.  Old Tom Morris (Golf)
65.  Ray Allen (Basketball)
66.  Mike Smith (Horse Racing)
67.  Mark Allen (Triathlon)
68.  Ted Ligety (Skiing)
69.  Randy Johnson (Baseball)
70.  John Morrissey (Horse Racing)
71.  Leah Pruett (NHRA Drag Racing)
72.  Denis Potvin (Hockey)
73.  Tony Meola
74.  Drew Brees (Football)
75.  Bernie Federko (Hockey)
76.  Walter Alston (Baseball)
77.  Mike Richter (Hockey)
78.  Roger Staubach (Football)
79.  Julia Mancuso (Skiing)
80.  Todd Pletcher (Horse Racing)
81.  Winx (Horse Racing)
82.  Maurice Cheeks (Basketball)
83.  Robin Yount (Baseball)
84.  Jerry Grote (Baseball)
85.  Shawn Porter (Boxing)
86.  Vince Carter (Basketball)

2021 Sportkings Volume 2 Autograph
2021 Sportkings Volume 2 Autograph - Red #/50 or less
2021 Sportkings Volume 2 Autograph - Silver #/25
2021 Sportkings Volume 2 Autograph - Emerald #/5
2021 Sportkings Volume 2 Autograph - Gold 1/1

A37.  Mark Allen (Triathalon)
A38.  Ray Allen (Basketball)
A39.  Kolohe Andino (Surfing)
A40.  Drew Brees (Football)
A41.  Maurice Cheeks (Basketball)
A42.  Randall Cunningham (Football)
A43.  Vashti Cunningham (Track & Field)
A44.  Bernie Federko (Hockey)
A45.  Chris Froome (Cycling)
A46.  Goose Gossage (Baseball)
A47.  Jerry Grote (Baseball)
A48.  Sarah Hughes (Figure Skating)
A49.  Vince Carter (Basketball)
A50.  Randy Johnson (Baseball)
A51.  Ted Ligety (Skiing)
A52.  Steve Lobue (Diving)
A53.  Julia Mancuso (Skiing)
A54.  Curtis Martin (Football)
A55.  Tony Meola
A56.  Todd Pletcher (Horse Racing)
A57.  Shawn Porter (Boxing)
A58.  Denis Potvin (Hockey)
A59.  Leah Pruett (Drag Racing)
A60.  Mike Richter (Hockey)
A61.  Bill Russell (Basketball)
A62.  Ted Simmons (Baseball)
A63.  Emmitt Smith (Football)
A64.  Mike Smith (Horse Racing)
A65.  Roger Staubach (Football)
A66.  Darrell Waltrip (NASCAR)
A67.  Robin Yount (Baseball)

Buyback Autograph
1 card

2000 Sport Kings Joe Montana Autograph

Icons Cut Signatures 1/1
13 cards

ICON-11.  Hank Aaron
ICON-12.  Buzz Aldrin
ICON-13.  Ernie Banks
ICON-14.  Ty Cobb
ICON-15.  Margaret Court
ICON-16.  Sandy Koufax
ICON-17.  Mickey Mantle
ICON-18.  Johnny Miller
ICON-19.  John Morrissey
ICON-20.  Jack Nicklaus
ICON-21.  Jessie Owens
ICON-22.  Babe Ruth
ICON-23.  Ted Williams

Century Heroes Cut Signature  1/1
66 cards

CH-AK.  Al Kaline (Baseball)
CH-AO.  Apolo Ohno (Short Track Speed Skating)
CH-BA.  Bob Arum (Boxing)
CH-BB2.  Barry Bonds (Baseball)
CH-BJK.  Billie Jean King (Tennis)
CH-BL.  Brittany Lincicome (Golf)
CH-BR1.  Babe Ruth (Baseball)
CH-BR2.  Babe Ruth (Baseball)
CH-BR3.  Babe Ruth (Baseball)
CH-BU.  Bobby Unser (Indy Car)
CH-CH2.  Catfish Hunter (Baseball)
CH-CRJ.  Cal Ripken, Jr. (Baseball)
CH-CY.  Carl Yastrzemski (Baseball)
CH-DD2.  David Duval (Golf)
CH-DG.  Dan Gable (Wrestling)
CH-DG2.  Danielle Goyette (Ice Hockey)
CH-DJ.  Dale Jarrett (NASCAR)
CH-DJ2.  Don January (Golf)
CH-DL.  Davis Love (Golf)
CH-DS.  Don Sutton (Baseball)
CH-DW.  Dave Winfield (Baseball)
CH-EH.  Eric Heiden (Speed Skating)
CH-EM.  Eddie Matthews (Baseball)
CH-FR.  Frank Robinson (Baseball)
CH-FS.  Frank Shorter (Marathon)
CH-FT.  Frank Thomas (Baseball)
CH-GP.  Gaylord Perry (Baseball)
CH-GB.  George Brett (Baseball)
CH-GF.  George Foreman (Boxing)
CH-GM.  Greg Maddux (Baseball)
CH-HA.  Hank Aaron (Baseball)
CH-HI.  Hale Irwin (Golf)
CH-HK.  Harmon Killebrew (Baseball)
CH-JE.  Janet Evans (Swimming)
CH-JI.  Julie Inkster (Golf)
CH-JSWS.  Johnny Sain/Warren Spahn (Baseball)
CH-LT.  Lee Trevino (Golf)
CH-LW.  Lanny Watkins (Golf)
CH-ME.  Mike Eruzione (Ice Hockey)
CH-MM.  Mark McGwire (Baseball)
CH-MS.  Mike Schmidt (Baseball)
CH-PM.  Paul Molitor (Baseball)
CH-PN.  Phil Niekro (Baseball)
CH-PR.  Pete Rose (Baseball)
CH-PRSM.  Pete Rose/Stan Musial (Baseball)
CH-RBKR.  Ralph Beard/Kenny Rollins (Basketball)
CH-RC.  Rod Carew (Baseball)
CH-RC2.  Roger Clemens (Baseball)
CH-RE.  Roy Emerson (Tennis)
CH-RF2.  Roger Federer (Tennis)
CH-RF3.  Raymond Floyd (Golf)
CH-RJ.  Randy Johnson (Baseball)
CH-RJ2.  Reggie Jackson (Baseball)
CH-RL2.  Rod Laver (Tennis)
CH-RP.  Rafael Palmeiro (Baseball)
CH-SA.  Stuart Appleby (Golf)
CH-SK3.  Sandy Koufax (Baseball)
CH-SB.  Scotty Bowman (Ice Hockey)
CH-SC.  Steve Carlton (Baseball)
CH-TG.  Tom Glavine (Baseball)
CH-TG2.  Tony Gwynn (Baseball)
CH-TL.  Tom Lehman (Golf)
CH-TS2.  Tom Seaver (Baseball)
CH-WB.  Wade Boggs (Baseball)
CH-WaS.  Warren Spahn (Baseball)
CH-ZJ.  Zach Johnson (Golf)

Single Memorabilia Relic
15 cards
PARALLEL: Single Memorabilia Relic - Red #/50 or less
PARALLEL: Single Memorabilia Relic - Silver #/25
PARALLEL: Single Memorabilia Relic - Emerald #/5
PARALLEL: Single Memorabilia Relic - Gold 1/1

SM-CF.  Chris Froome (Cycling)
SM-CM3.  Curtis Martin (Football)
SM-DW.  Darrell Waltrip (NASCAR)
SM-KA.  Kolohe Andino (Surfing)
SM-LP.  Leah Pruett (NHRA Drag Racing)
SM-MC.  Maurice Cheeks (Basketball)
SM-MS.  Mike Smith (Horse Racing)
SM-RJ.  Randy Johnson (Baseball)
SM-RY.  Robin Yount (Baseball)
SM-TL.  Ted Ligety (Skiing)
SM-TM.  Tony Meola
SM-TS.  Ted Simmons (Baseball)
SM-VC.  Vashti Cunningham (Athletics)
SM-VC2.  Vince Carter (Basketball)
SM-WA.  Walter Alston

CH-ZJ.  Zach Johnson (Golf)

Single Memorabilia Premium Relic
11 cards
PARALLEL: Single Memorabilia Premium Relic - Red #/50
PARALLEL: Single Memorabilia Premium Relic - Silver #/25
PARALLEL: Single Memorabilia Premium Relic - Emerald #/5
PARALLEL: Single Memorabilia Premium Relic - Gold 1/1

SMP-CF.  Chris Froome (Cycling)
SMP-CM3.  Curtis Martin (Football)
SMP-DW.  Darrell Waltrip (NASCAR)
SMP-MC.  Maurice Cheeks (Basketball)
SMP-MS.  Mike Smith (Horse Racing)
SMP-RJ.  Randy Johnson (Baseball)
SMP-RY.  Robin Yount (Baseball)
SMP-TL.  Ted Ligety (Skiing)
SMP-TS.  Ted Simmons (Baseball)
SMP-VC2.  Vince Carter (Basketball)
SMP-WA.  Walter Alston

Autographed Single Memorabilia Relic
14 cards
PARALLEL: Autographed Single Memorabilia Relic - Red #/50 or less
PARALLEL: Autographed Single Memorabilia Relic - Silver #/25
PARALLEL: Autographed Single Memorabilia Relic - Emerald #/5
PARALLEL: Autographed Single Memorabilia Relic - Gold 1/1

AM-CF.  Chris Froome (Cycling)
AM-CM3.  Curtis Martin (Football)
AM-DW.  Darrell Waltrip (NASCAR)
AM-KA.  Kolohe Andino (Surfing)
AM-LP.  Leah Pruett (NHRA Drag Racing)
AM-MC.  Maurice Cheeks (Basketball)
AM-MS.  Mike Smith (Horse Racing)
AM-RJ.  Randy Johnson (Baseball)
AM-RY.  Robin Yount (Baseball)
AM-TL.  Ted Ligety (Skiing)
AM-TM.  Tony Meola
AM-TS.  Ted Simmons (Baseball)
AM-VC.  Vashti Cunningham (Athletics)
AM-VC2.  Vince Carter (Basketball)

Legends Relic
17 cards
PARALLEL: Legends Relic - Red #/50
PARALLEL: Legends Relic - Silver #/25
PARALLEL: Legends Relic - Green #/5
PARALLEL: Legends Relic - Gold 1/1

LSM-15.  Harold Baines
LSM-16.  Don Baylor
LSM-17.  David Beckham
LSM-18.  Tim Duncan
LSM-19.  Bob Golic
LSM-20.  Kevin Greene
LSM-21.  Tony Gwynn
LSM-22.  Billy "White Shoes" Johnson
LSM-23.  Neymar
LSM-24.  David Robinson
LSM-25.  Ronaldo de Lima
LSM-26.  Teemu Selanne
LSM-27.  Steve Spurrier
LSM-28.  Bryant Young
LSM-29.  Carlos Boozer
LSM-30.  Ron Francis
LSM-31.  Sherm Lollar

Legends Premium Relic
16 cards
PARALLEL: Legends Premium Relic - Red #/50
PARALLEL: Legends Premium Relic - Silver #/25
PARALLEL: Legends Premium Relic - Green #/5
PARALLEL: Legends Premium Relic - Gold 1/1

LPM-15.  Harold Baines
LPM-16.  Don Baylor
LPM-17.  David Beckham
LPM-18.  Tim Duncan
LPM-19.  Bob Golic
LPM-20.  Kevin Greene
LPM-21.  Tony Gwynn
LPM-22.  Billy "White Shoes" Johnson
LPM-23.  Neymar
LPM-24.  David Robinson
LPM-25.  Ronaldo de Lima
LPM-26.  Teemu Selanne
LPM-27.  Steve Spurrier
LPM-28.  Bryant Young
LPM-29.  Carlos Boozer
LPM-30.  Ron Francis

Grand Patch  1/1
32 subjects - multiple cards per subject - all 1/1

GPV2-BG1/BG9.  Bob Golic (Football)
GPV2-BJ1/BJ12.  Billy Johnson (Football)
GPV2-BY1/BY11.  Bryant Young (Football)
GPV2-CB1/CB8.  Carlos Boozer (Basketball)
GPV2-CF1/CF11.  Chris Froome (Cycling)
GPV2-CM1/CM14.  Curtis Martin (Football)
GPV2-DB1.  David Beckham
GPV2-DB2.  David Beckham
GPV2-DB3.  David Beckham
GPV2-DB4.  David Beckham
GPV2-DB5.  David Beckham
GPV2-DB6.  David Beckham
GPV2-DB7.  David Beckham
GPV2-DB8.  David Beckham
GPV2-DB9.  David Beckham
GPV2-DB10.  David Beckham
GPV2-DB11.  David Beckham
GPV2-DB12.  David Beckham
GPV2-DB13.  David Beckham
GPV2-DB14.  David Beckham
GPV2 -DoB1/DoB12.  Don Baylor (Baseball)
GPV2-DR1/DR.  David Robinson (Basketball)
GPV2-DW1/DW47.  Darrell Waltrip (Nascar)
GPV2-HB1/HB13.  Harold Baines (Baseball)
GPV2-KA1/KA2.  Kolohe Andino (Surfing)
GPV2-KG1/KG.  Kevin Greene (Football)
GPV2-LP1/LP34.  Leah Pruett (Drag Racing)
GPV2-MC1/MC14.  Maurice Cheeks (Basketball)
GPV2-MS1/GPV2-MS21.  Mike Smith (Horse Racing)
GPV2-N1.  Neymar
GPV2-N2.  Neymar
GPV2-N3.  Neymar
GPV2-N4.  Neymar
GPV2-N5.  Neymar
GPV2-N6.  Neymar
GPV2-N7.  Neymar
GPV2-N8.  Neymar
GPV2-N9.  Neymar
GPV2-N10.  Neymar
GPV2-N11.  Neymar
GPV2-N12.  Neymar
GPV2-N13.  Neymar
GPV2-R1.  Ronaldo
GPV2-R2.  Ronaldo
GPV2-R3.  Ronaldo
GPV2-R4.  Ronaldo
GPV2-R5.  Ronaldo
GPV2-R6.  Ronaldo
GPV2-R7.  Ronaldo
GPV2-R8.  Ronaldo
GPV2-R9.  Ronaldo
GPV2-R10.  Ronaldo
GPV2-R11.  Ronaldo
GPV2-R12.  Ronaldo
GPV2-R13.  Ronaldo
GPV2-R14.  Ronaldo
GPV2-R15.  Ronaldo
GPV2-R16.  Ronaldo
GPV2-R17.  Ronaldo
GPV2-RJ1/RJ16.  Randy Johnson (Baseball)
GPV2-RY1/RY11.  Robin Yount (Baseball)
GPV2-RF1/RF8.  Ron Francis (Ice Hockey)
GPV2-SL1.  Sherm Lollar (Baseball)
GPV2-SS1/SS8.  Steve Spurrier (Football)
GPV2-TD1/TD11.  Tim Duncan (Basketball)
GPV2-TG1/TG13.  Tony Gwynn (Baseball)
GPV2-TL1/TL9.  Ted Ligety (Alpine Skiing)
GPV2-TM1.  Tony Meola
GPV2-TM2.  Tony Meola
GPV2-TM3.  Tony Meola
GPV2-TM4.  Tony Meola
GPV2-TM5.  Tony Meola
GPV2-TM6.  Tony Meola
GPV2-TM7.  Tony Meola
GPV2-TM8.  Tony Meola
GPV2-TS1/TS14.  Ted Simmons (Baseball)
GPV2-TeS1/TeS15.  Teemu Selanne (Ice Hockey)
GPV2-VC1/VC15.  Vince Carter (Basketball)
GPV2-VC2.  Vashti Cunningham (Athletics)
GPV2-WA1/WA18.  Walter Alston (Baseball)

Gary Kezele Sketch  1/1
54 cards

ART-64.  Mark Allen (Triathlon)
ART-65.  Ray Allen (Basketball)
ART-66.  Neil Armstrong (Astronaut)
ART-67.  Arthur Ashe (Tennis)
ART-68.  Kobe Bryant (Basketball)
ART-69.  Dan Carter (Rugby)
ART-70.  Maurice Cheeks (Basketball)
ART-71.  Randall Cunningham (Football)
ART-72.  Vashti Cunningham (Athletics)
ART-73.  Dick Enberg (Broadcaster)
ART-74.  Bernie Federko (Ice Hockey)
ART-75.  Frankel (Horse)
ART-76.  Chris Froome (Cycling)
ART-77.  Goose Gossage (Baseball)
ART-78.  Goose Gossage (Baseball)
ART-79.  Goose Gossage (Baseball)
ART-80.  Franco Harris (Football)
ART-81.  Sir Edmund Hillary (Mountaineering)
ART-82.  Howard Hughes (Aviator)
ART-83.  Randy Johnson (Baseball)
ART-84.  Walter Johnson (Baseball)
ART-85.  Guy Lafleur (Ice Hockey)
ART-86.  Katie Ledecky (Swimming)
ART-87.  John Mcenroe (Tennis)
ART-88.  Tony Meola
ART-89.  George Mikan (Basketball)
ART-90.  Billy Mills (Athletics)
ART-91.  Joe Montana (Football)
ART-92.  Rodney Mullen (Skateboarding)
ART-93.  Thurman Munson (Baseball)
ART-94.  Neymar
ART-95.  Apolo Ohno (Speed Skating)
ART-96.  Satchel Paige (Baseball)
ART-97.  Gary Player (Golf)
ART-98.  Denis Potvin (Ice Hockey)
ART-99.  Maurice "Rocket" Richard (Ice Hockey)
ART-100.  Mike Richter (Ice Hockey)
ART-101.  Libby Riddles (Iditarod)
ART-102.  Bill Russell (Basketball)
ART-103.  Jim Ryun (Athletics)
ART-104.  Ted Simmons (Baseball)
ART-105.  Mike Singletary (Football)
ART-106.  Emmitt Smith (Football)
ART-107.  Mike Smith (Horse Racing)
ART-108.  Steve Spurrier (Football)
ART-109.  Ken Stabler (Football)
ART-110.  Jim Thorpe (Football)
ART-111.  Bill Tilden (Tennis)
ART-112.  Johnny Unitas (Football)
ART-113.  Darrell Waltrip (Nascar)
ART-114.  Hines Ward (Football)
ART-115.  Katarina Witt (Figure Skating)
ART-116.  Orville Wright (Aviator)
ART-117.  Robin Yount (Baseball)

Jared Kelley Portraits  1/1
18 subjects

JKP-BA.  Buzz Aldrin (Astronaut)
JKP-BR.  Babe Ruth (Baseball)
JKP-CW.  Christy Matthewson (Baseball)
JKP-DB.  Drew Brees (Football)
JKP-ES.  Emmitt Smith (Football)
JKP-GH.  Gordie Howe (Ice Hockey)
JKP-GV.  Georges Vezina (Ice Hockey)
JKP-HW.  Honus Wagner (Baseball)
JKP-JM.  Jim Valvano (Basketball)
JKP-JN.  James Naismith (Basketball)
JKP-JR.  Jackie Robinson (Baseball)
JKP-OR.  Oscar Robertson (Basketball)
JKP-P.  Pele
JKP-PM.  Patrick Mahomes (Football)
JKP-RF.  Roger Federer (Tennis)
JKP-TC.  Ty Cobb (Baseball)
JKP-TH.  Tony Hawk (Skateboard)
JKP-WJ.  Walter Johnson (Baseball)

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