Tuesday, 29 December 2020

New York Apollo - New York Apollo (1974)

New York Apollo
New York Apollo
21 cards

Some of these cards appeared on eBay recently, listed as a 1975 issue. That information is incorrect, although they were received in a package that included a 1975 schedule the cards were actualy issued in 1974 and show the team's 1974 schedule on the card backs, which measure 3" x 4".

Richard Arman
Edner Breton
Jamir Canal
Peter Christofordis
George Contilidis
Kyriakos Fitllis
Tony Froncillo
Nick Kambolis
John Karagganis
Arturo Martinich
Chester Maskiewicz
Teofil Nahorsky
William Noble
Peter Pantazis
Geroge Sanin
Peter Stasinopoulis
John Stavros
John Swierniak
Stamatios Vordamis
The Mascots

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