Sunday 27 December 2020

Chocolate Franco (Uruguay) - Copa del Mundo 1930 (02) - 2020 Reprint

Copa del Mundo 1930
Chocolate Franco
11 cards

11 of the original cards have been unofficially reprinted, including 9 of the World Cup winging team. They are easily identified as they are printed on glossy paper, the card have blank backs and measure 30mm x 50mm.

(Enrique) Ballestrero
(José) Nasazzi
(Ernesto) Mascheroni
(José) Andrade
(Lorenzo) Fernández
(Álvaro) Gestido
(Peregrino) Anselmo
(Miguel) Capuccini
(Héctor) Castro
(Pedro) Cea
(Santos) Iriarte

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