Sunday, 27 December 2020

Everton F.C. - Toffee Trumps ~ Season 2003/2004

Toffee Trumps ~ Season 2003/2004
Everton F.C.
32 cards

These are similar to Top Trumps cards but I only have an image of the title card at the moment.

Title card
Alan Ball
Alan Stubbs 
Alessandro Pistone 
Alex Nyarko 
David Unsworth 
David Weir 
Dixie Dean 
Duncan Ferguson 
Francis Jeffers 
Gary Naysmith 
James McFadden 
Joseph Yobo 
Kevin Campbell 
Kevin Kilbane 
Lee Carsley 
Leon Osman 
Li Tie 
Neville Southall 
Nick Chadwick 
Nigel Martyn 
Paul Gerrard 
Peter Clarke 
Richard Wright 
Steve Simonsen 
Steve Watson 
Thomas Gravesen 
Tobias Linderoth 
Tomazs Radzinski 
Tony Hibbert 
Scott Gemmill 
Wayne Rooney 

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