Tuesday 29 December 2020

D.C. Thomson / Rover and Wizard - It Happended This Week (02) - Checklist

It Happended This Week
D.C. Thomson / Rover and Wizard
15 known

I had no idea if there was a formal series title when I add the Manchester City page some time ago - D.C. Thomson / Rover and Wizard - It Happended This Week (01) - it's the second time I've had to amend the title of that post. Richard Small sent me some additional scans and that piqued my interest. The series is called 'It Happended This Week' and debuted on the back page of the issue dated 11 April, 1964 and featured 'The First Olympic Games'. Sometimes it appeared weekly, later once a fortnight or even once a month. The first 106 were numbered (106 appeared in the 14 May, 1966 issue). Many of them feature the military and warfare, with only a relatively small number featuring sporting stories.

08-05-1965.  The F.A. Cup (No. 56)
02-07-1966.  The World Cup
29-10-1966.  The Fastest Goal in Football
11-11-1967.  The Celtic Story
03-02-1968.  King of Soccer (Stanley Matthews)
09-03-1968.  The Gunners (Arsenal)
16-03-1968 . The F.A. Cup
06-04-1968.  Pompeys Progress (Portsmouth)
20-04-1968.  Up The Hammers (West Ham United)
04-05-1968.  A Goal in 7 Seconds!
10-08-1968.  Hip, Hip, Hatters (Luton Town)
31-08-1968.  We'll Keep the Blue Flag Flying (Manchester City)  -  shown previously
14-09-1968.  Sunderland
26-10-1968.  The Black Pearl (Pele)
01-03-1969.  It Happened In Sport

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