Tuesday, 8 September 2020

I.P.C. Magazines / Football Star - Football Star's Super Strikers Wallposter

Football Star's Super Strikers Wallposter
I.P.C. Magazines / Football Star
18 players

Martin Bennett has provided some information about this collection. The page included instructions on how to cut out the shapes and place to create a giant wallposter. They were not numbered so the number used refers to the issue number of the magazine. The last four players were included in issue 10, but the list isn't complete.
UPDATE (08-09-2020 11:42):  Roverman has provided all the missing information including details about the coloured border that was used to finish off the circular poster.
UPDATE (11-09-2020 10:17):  Roverman has provided a couple of photos, one from issue 3 showing Kevin Keegan and a page of 3 coloured border sections. 

3.  Centrepiece Logo   -   added 08-09-2020
3.  Kevin Keegan (Liverpool)
4.  Joe Royle (Everton)
4.  Mike Channon (Southampton)
5.  Pop Robson (West Ham United)
5.  Peter Lorimer (Leeds United)
6.  Peter Osgood (Chelsea)
6.  Trevor Francis (Birmingham City)
7.  Leighton James (Burnley)
7.  Dave Johnson (Ipswich Town)
8.  Colin Stein (Coventry City)
8.  Lou Macari (Manchester United)
9.  John Richards (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
9.  Kevin Hector (Derby County)
10.  Allan Clarke (Leeds United)   -   added 08-09-2020
10.  Malcolm MacDonald (Newcastle United)   -   added 08-09-2020
10.  Martin Chivers (Tottenham Hotspur)   -   added 08-09-2020
10.  Rodney Marsh (Manchester City)   -   added 08-09-2020
10.  Coloured Border x 3   -   added 08-09-2020
11.  John Radford (Arsenal)   -   added 08-09-2020
11.  Coloured Border x 3   -   added 08-09-2020

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