Sunday, 2 August 2020

Victory Cards - Liverpool F.C. ~ Victory Cards (2001-02)

Liverpool F.C. ~ Victory Cards
Victory Cards
34 cards

LFC1.  FC Haka v Liverpool (UEFA Champions League)
LFC2.  Liverpool  v Manchester United (F.A. Charity Shield)
LFC3.  Liverpool v West Ham United
LFC4.  Liverpool v FC Haka
LFC5.  Bayern Munich 2-3 Liverpool (UEFA Super Cup)
LFC6.  Everton 1-3 Liverpool
LFC7.  Liverpool 1-0 Tottenham Hotspur
LFC8.  Liverpool 1-0 Dynamo Kiev (UEFA Champions League)
LFC9.  Newcastle United 0-2 Liverpool
LFC10.  Dynamo Kiev 1-2 Liverpool (UEFA Champions League)
LFC11.  Leicester City 1-4 Liverpool
LFC12.  Charlton Athletic 0-2 Liverpool
LFC13.  Liverpool 2-0 Borussia Dortmund (UEFA Champions League)
LFC14.  Liverpool 3-1 Manchester United
LFC15.  Liverpool 1-0 Sunderland
LFC16.  Derby County0-1 Liverpool
LFC17.  Liverpool 2-0 Middlesbrough
LFC18.  Aston Villa 1-2 Liverpool
LFC19.  Liverpool 3-0 Birmingham City (F.A. Cup)
LFC20.  Manchester United 0-1 Liverpool
LFC21.  Liverpool 1-0 Leicester City
LFC22.  Leeds United 0-4 Liverpool
LFC23.  Ipswich Town 0-6 Liverpool
LFC24.  Fulham 0-2 Liverpool
LFC25.  Liverpool 3-0 Newcastle United
LFC26.  Middlesbrough 1-2 Liverpool
LFC27.  Liverpool 2-0 AS Roma (UEFA Champions League)
LFC28.  Liverpool 1-0 Chelsea
LFC29.  Liverpool 2-0 Charlton Atheltic
LFC30.  Liverpool 1-0 Bayer 04 Leverkusen (UEFA Champions League)
LFC31.  Sunderland 0-1 Liverpool
LFC32.  Liverpool 2-0 Derby County
LFC33.  Liverpool 4-3 Blackburn Rovers
LFC34.  Liverpool 5-0 Ipswich Town

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