Thursday, 6 August 2020

Thumbsup! - Hellebrities (like Top Trumps)

36 cards

Similar to Top Trumps, includes David Peck'ham.

Bad Pitts
Britney Speared
Bull Gates
Cell Gibson
Cher and Cher Alike
David Peck'em
Donald Tramp
Elton's John
George Cloney
Hairyson Furred
Hugh Grunt
Ill Smith
J Glo
Johnny Dedd
Keanu Heaves
Leonard De Capitated
Mince Charles
Moose Willis
Mozzie Osbourne
Oprah Winfreeze
Paris Stilton
Pee Diddy
Pimps William
Prawn Connery
Quentin Taratignome
Rude Law
Rustin' Timberlake
Samule L Jackson
Skate Moss
Steven Spielburger
Tiger Wood
Tom Snooze
Victorian Beckham
Wrong Travolta
Title card (includes David Peck'em)
Advert card (includes David Peck'em)

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