Monday, 3 August 2020

Camler Tobacco Co. (Malta) - Ferencvaros F.C.

Ferencvaros F.C.
Camler Tobacco Co.
11 cards

This is a set of 11 cards celebrating the visit to Malta of the Hungarian Ferencvaros team over Christmas and New Year 1937-38, where they played 7 games between 25 December and 9 January. I wonder if the success of this venture led to Camler Tobacco producing a large set of Maltese Footballers later in the year.

J. Hada (Ferencvaros F.C.)
L. Koranyi (Ferencvaros F.C.)
S. Tatrai (Ferencvaros F.C.)
G. Lazar (Ferencvaros F.C.)
G. Polgar (Ferencvaros F.C.)
B. Magda (Ferencvaros F.C.)
T. Kemeny (Ferencvaros F.C.)
G. Toldi (Ferencvaros F.C.)
Dr. Sarosi (Captain) (Ferencvaros F.C.)
G. Kiss (Ferencvaros F.C.)
M. Tanzer (Ferencvaros F.C.)

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