Sunday, 28 July 2019

Unknown issuer (Peru) - Russia 2018 Rumbo al Mundial

Russia 2018 Rumbo al Mundial 
Unknown issuer
200 cards

Thomas Ott has provided a list of these pop-up cards, little is known about them other than the information provided here. I've listed the title as Pegar Aquí as these are the only words on the card other than the player's names but the phrase is Spanish for 'paste here' which is obviously not a proper title for these cards.
UPDATE (30-07-2019 19:16):  Mark Avenell has been able to identify which collection these cards come from and provided a photo of the album cover. I've updated this post accordingly.

31.  Neymar Jr
43.  Philippe Coutinho
44.  Luiz Suarez
53.  James Rodriguez
64.  Gonzalo Higuain
66.  Lionel Messi
67.  Lionel Messi
71.  Paulo Dybala
72.  Segio Aguero
74.  Alexis Sanchez
82.  Thomas Muller
83.  Mario Gotze
84.  Ilkay Gundogan
86.  Mesut Ozil
87.  Marco Reus
92.  Toni Kroos
94.  Eden Hazard
95.  Kevin de Bruyne
97.  Thibaut Courtois
102.  Ivan Rakitic
109.  David de Gea
110.  David Silva
124.  Antoine Griezmann
133.  Paul Pogba
136.  Gareth Bale
139.  Arjen Robben
141.  Wesley Sneijder
146.  Harry Kane
151.  Marcus Rashford
159.  Donnarumma
160.  Gianluigi Buffon
164.  Stephan el Shaarawy
166.  Robert Lewandowski
168.  Cristiano Ronaldo
169.  Cristiano Ronaldo
176.  Zlatan Ibrahimovic
186.  Javier Hernandez
187.  Ji Dong Won
197.  Shinji Kagawa

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