Sunday, 28 July 2019

Panini - (PAP-16) Football 80 (02) - Error sticker - Mike Docherty

(PAP-16) Football 80
582 stickers

Mark Hughesdon has been doing some more research on this collection and has found that the original sticker that features Mike Docherty has the image of him reversed. Panini issued an updated sticker and corrected his name (thanks Nik).

490B.  Mike Docherty (Sunderland)  -  image reversed, wrong name
490B.  Mick Docherty (Sunderland)  -  image correct, correct name


  1. And they also changed his name from Mike to Mick...

    1. Thanks Nik, just added that... another case of looking and not seeing.

    2. I seem to remember The Daily Star put out a set around the same time (bit later perhaps) where a couple of Wolves players had a reverse image. Paul Bradshaw was one, can't remember the other. Don't think they were ever corrected.


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