Friday 29 March 2019

The Bar / Super Breaks - 2019 The Bar Pieces of The Past One-Time Sports Edition

2019 The Bar Pieces of The Past One-Time Sports Edition
The Bar / Super Breaks
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The collection is a mix of cut autographs, inscriptions, handwriting samples, tickets, game-used relics, stamps, book pieces, news relics, pennants, coins and more with the real bonus being cut autographs. Boxes will carry a suggested retail price of $39.99 and there's one cut autograph per 10 box case - so that's nearly $500 per cut autograph. This collection is due out on 4 April, 2019
I suppose everyone is interested in get-rich-quick schemes but this company seem to be on to a winner. Buy a book - a Pele biography for example, cut the pages into small sections (you don't even have to cut them neatly), add some small cuttings from various newspapers, paste them on to printed cards - the cards are all the same, they just have different cuttings pasted on them, but you label them all 1/1 and put them on eBay for $199.99 and wait for the money to roll in. Oh, wait a minute, surely nobody would be taken in by such a scheme...

World Idols (Cut Autograph)


1/1 Money Makers
1/1 The Bar Relic

AN216.  Bill Clinton / Pele   -   added 18-01-2020
NNO.  Pele   -   added 18-01-2020

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