Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Topps - Match Attax Extra 2018/19 (22) - Virgil van Dijk (100 Club - Autographed)

Match Attax Extra 2018/19
229 cards

Topps recently announced a special give-away with 10 signed Virgil van Dijk 100 Club cards being given to 10 lucky purchasers of Gameweek 30's Match Attax on Demand cards. I wasn't sure whether I would include details of this promotion and I think I was right to be cautious. The cards are supplied in Ultra-Pro One-Touch Magnetic Holders but they do not include a Topps holographic sticker and they are not numbered as being one of only 10 cards issued. An official signed Topps card could expect to attract a premium when sold on the secondary market but as there is no way to tell whether a card is one of the 10 provided by Topps or just an ordinary card signed by the player. I have photos of a number of other signed cards that have been given away in competitions on Topps' social media platforms but I believe that they'll all be similar to this Virgil van Dijk card, unable to be identified as an official autographed card.

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