Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Chris Beetles Gallery - Louis Wain Limited Edition Collectors Postcard Set

Louis Wain Limited Edition Collectors Postcard Set
Chris Beetles Gallery
18 postcards (1 football)

John Levitt has provided scans of thus modern reproduction postcard that comes from a Limited Edition set of 18 postcards featuring works from throughout the career of Louis Wain. Wain is probably the most celebrated British feline artist of the 19th and 20th centuries with his original artwork attracting high prices at auction. This set of postcards includes output from throughout his career - from early naturalistic cats to the famous later psychedelic images. Standard postcard size, all supplied in an attractive collectors wallet.

1.  The Botanist
2.  Siamese Twins
3.  The Football Match
4.  Playtime
5.  The Vile Din
6.  Holiday Time
7.  The Gladstone Bag
8.  The Cat in his Garden
9.  Wain Ceramics
10.  The Holly Berry Rules the World
11.  Mother and Child
12.  Cat with a Blue Bow-Tie
13.  Shangri-La
14.  The Flirt with the Fan
15.  Norman
16.  Early Indian Irish
17.  Early Spaniol
18.  Chines

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