Friday, 8 June 2018

Machado, Michailev, Evaristo, Junior - Uruguai 1930

Uruguai 1930
Machado, Michailev, Evaristo, Junior
263 stickers

Heriberto Ivan Machado, Rogério Michailev, Luís Evaristo and Armando Kolbe Júnior, who can be seen holding copies of the first four albums, are four Brazilian football historians who have compiled sticker albums for the first five World Cup tournaments. The albums have been compiled from official FIFA data on the tournament. I don't have a complete checklist of players but they have provided me with a breakdown of each of the teams. They come with all the stickers ready to be pasted, and are sold, at a price of R$250 each, directly from the historians ( 

Argentina - 22 players
Bélgica - 16 players
Bolívia - 13 players
Brasil - 22 players
Chile - 19 players
France - 16 players
Iugoslávia - 17 players
México - 17 players
Paraguay - 18 players
Peru - 21 players
Rumanian - 18 players
Uruguay - 22 players
USA - 16 players

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