Friday, 8 June 2018

Ferrero / Kinder Riegel - DFB Team Cards ~ WM 2018 (05) - Update - Kevin Trapp & Marco Reus

DFB Team Cards ~ WM 2018
Ferrero / Duplo / Hanuta / Kinder Riegel
33 cards

Jens Schröder has informed me that Ferrero have issued an update card of Kevin Trapp, though it seems they haven't created a gold version of the card. Check out Jens' superb website
UPDATE (08-6-2018 16:53):  Jens has informed me that there are actually two update cards - Marco Reus has also been issued.

Kevin Trapp
Marco Reus

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  1. Hi Alan, I forgot Marco Reus. There are two Update Cards - not only one. Sorry.


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