Monday, 25 December 2017

A.W. Allen (Confectioners) (Australia) - Sports and Flags of Nations (02)

Sports and Flags of Nations
A.W. Allen (Confectioners)
36 cards

I haven't seen many of these cards but I knew the backs showed different products. I presumed that they were vari-backed, more than one back design but no cards with two or more different backs. It turns out I was wrong. I know that they are four different products across the whole set and now I've found a 'Wales' card with a different back to the original card that I featured in an earlier post. Now there are at least two different versions it's possible that all the cards in the set can be found with up to four different backs. I'll be watching out for further examples of the Wales card to see if I can find cards featuring either or both of the other products. The original checklist can be found here - A.W. Allen (Confectioners) (Australia) - Sports and Flags of Nations.

Allen's Cure-'em-Quick
Allen's Irish Moss Gum Jubes
Allen's Q-T Fruit Drops
Allen's Steam Rollers

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