Monday, 25 December 2017

Turmac (Turkish-Macedonian Tobacco Company) - (ZS04-750) Sporting & Other Figures - Series A (Woven Parallelogram Silks)

(ZS04-750) Sporting & Other Figures - Series A (Woven Parallelogram Silks)
Turmac (Turkish-Macedonian Tobacco Company)
15 silks (10 football)

Another silk collection from the Netherlands. There are 15 different ones in the set mainly featuring football. The issue date is estimated to be around 1930 and if you are collecting these be aware that it's possible to find colour variations with some of the silks. Alan Stevens has been extremely helpful in providing information about these Dutch silks:
Issued from 1926 until the end of 1933, immediately prior to the introduction of Government legislation, in March 1934, stopping further issues of these inserts.  Issue date shown is therefore circa 1930. It is known that many of the the silks were issued by the Turkish Macedonian Tobacco Company in Holland and the Dutch Colonies and are generally referred to as ‘Turmacs’. For the purpose of listing, all Dutch silk anonymous issues have therefore been listed under this Tobacco Company but where the issuer is known this is stated. Other known ‘tobacco’ issuers of Dutch silks include Effendi Freres, Amsterdam & Kiazim Emin, Amsterdam, Holland plus trade issues by Végé, Holland and Van Engelen & Evers, Heeze, Holland.

A1.  Goalkeeper - blue jersey white diagonal stripe
A2.  Frog with football
A3.  Hockey
A4.  2 Flags and football
A5.  Two Footballers
A6.  Footballer
A7.  Tennis
A8.  Tennis
A9.  Tennis
A10.  Footballer
A11.  Two Footballers
A12.  2 Flags and football
A13.  Hockey
A14.  Monkey with ball
A15.  Goalkeeper

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