Sunday 24 December 2017

Aral - Aral SuperCard - MSV Duisburg (2017-18)

Aral SuperCard - MSV Duisburg
17 cards

The cards are listed as they are laid out in the album. A Moritz Stoppelkamp card exists but he doesn't seem to feature in the album, so I have added that one to the end of the list.

1.  Mark Flekken
3.  Enis Hajri
Club Emblem
4.  Dustin Bomheuer
5.  Branimir Bajić
7.  Andreas Wiegel
17.  Kevin Wolze
19.  Nico Klotz
23.  Fabian Schnellhardt
Team Photo
10.  Kingsley Onuegbu
13.  Zlatko Janjić
14.  Tim Albutat
26.  Ahmet Engin
IG.  Ivo Grlic (Sporting Director)
12.  Ennatz (Mascot)
33.  Moritz Stoppelkamp

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