Saturday, 1 July 2017

1001 Roman (Turkey) - Football Clubs (Booklets)

Football Clubs
1001 Roman
17 booklets

Ali Murat Atay has provided information on these little booklets that were given away with a magazine called 1001 Roman.
This magazine came with small football club booklets,  one main league club per issue/week. They skipped a few weeks and completed the 17 league clubs in about 20 weeks. The booklets are about 12cm x 13cm, 16 pages, including a history of the club, the players, the manager etc. Inside the back cover you can read a small note saying ' Gift of 1001 Roman, not for retail sale'. They are not numbered but the person who collected them originally wrote pencil numbers on the second page as he/she bought them. I have compiled the list keeping those numbers, with due respect to that person.

1.  Beşiktaş
2.  Feriköy
3.  Eskişehirspor
4.  Vefa
5.  Altinordu
6.  Ankaragücü
7.  Göztepe
8.  İstanbulspor
9.  Demirspor
10.  Altay
11.  Gençlerbirliği
12.  İzmirspor
13.  Fenerbahçe
14.  Hacettepe
15.  Karşiyaka
16.  PTT
17.  Galatasaray 

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