Friday, 30 June 2017

Taddy & Co. - (ZJ03-745) Sports & Pastimes Series 1 (02)

(ZJ03-745) Sports & Pastimes Series 1
Taddy & Co.
25 cards (1 football, sort of)

Football for horses - Pushball has also been called Horse Soccer, Equine Soccer and Hoofball. The Taddy version is usually listed as having been issued in 1912, whilst most of the other issuers seem to be dated to the 1923/1924/1925 era. I've found cards from two of the missing issuers listed previously, though they are not the backs of the football card:
T.H. Collins, Mansfield
Redford & Co.
The full checklist can be found here - Taddy & Co. - (ZJ03-745) Sports & Pastimes Series 1.

Taddy & Co.  -  shown previously
James Almond & Sons  -  shown previously
Bucktrout & Co Ltd  -  shown previously
T.H. Collins, Mansfield
Jonathan Edmondson & Co Ltd.  -  shown previously
Evershed & Son Ltd  -  shown previously
T.P. & R. Goodbody  -  shown previously
Hudden & Co. Ltd  -  shown previously
Miranda Ltd  -  shown previously
Redford & Co.
W. Sandorides & Co Ltd
W. Sword & Co.
Teofani & Co. Ltd  -  shown previously

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