Monday, 26 June 2017

Master Vending - (MAS-150/MCA-2) Cardmaster Football Tips (03)

(MAS-150/MCA-2) Cardmaster Football Tips
Master Vending
50 cards

Robert Scholes informed me that Garry Daynes' Football Card Collector Magazine lists an Ivor Allchurch card (no. 4) with a line above the name of the manufacturer. I never came across this variation when I was still collecting Ivor Allchurch cards. Further research suggests that this line can be found in two different lengths. I have no idea whether and the cards that have a line can be found with that line in two different lengths or whether some cards have the shorter line and other cards have the longer line. Robert has provided scans of the two Nat Lofthouse cards from his collection with a long line. I've added scans of two Gordon Turner cards, one with a short line and the other with a long line. I wonder if anyone knows for sure?
The original checklist can be found here (includes an alphabetical listing) - Master Vending - (MAS-150/MCA-2) Cardmaster Football Tips and the original and later checklists - Master Vending - (MAS-150/MCA-2) Cardmaster Football Tips (02).

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