Monday 8 May 2017

Ty-Phoo Tea / Co-op - TYP-300-2 Football Club Plaques (4)

TYP-300-2 Football Club Plaques
Ty-Phoo Tea / Co-op
39 known

Paul Chauveau has sent me some photos relating to the football plaques available from Ty-Phoo Tea. I presumed these football club shields were only available through Ty-Phoo and the Co-Op, but that seems not to be the case. They were made by Harrison Jeavons & Co. of Whetstone in Leicestershire. A number of wood-effect plastic shields with badges on them have been appearing on eBay still in their plastic bags. It seems fairly certain now that the shields were available from other sources and it's possible that they were made over a number of seasons, as some teams have at least two different designs. There are some of the wood-effect plastic shield versions being offered on eBay at the moment and listed as being from Ty-phoo, but this is incorrect. The only ones given away by them are the badges only, like the Everton one shown above. I've been compiling a list of badges that have appeared down the years that don't feature on the Ty-Phoo and Co-Op lists assuming that more badges were issued than were originally listed. A Co-op advert does suggest that any collector not seeing the team that they want should write in as there's the possibility that other badges could be available. As for the Ty-Phoo ones I think it's fairly obvious that they only issued the ones they listed.

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