Saturday, 13 May 2017

Mira - Cile 1962 Mondiali di Calcio (02)

Cile 1962 Mondiali di Calcio
320 cards ??

Harry The Hooch has provided details of a couple more England stickers and I have tracked down a couple more too. Further research suggests that there are more than 17 stickers for each team. The double-spread album pages have the first 11 spaces identified by playing positions and a number. The last six spaces are blank. The collector can select his own team line-up (nos. 1 to 11) and spares can be attached to the remaining spaces. I have found 20 different England stickers so far, so even if a complete album that wouldn't mean you would have a complete set of stickers. You can find the on-going attempt to compile a checklist for this collection here - Mira - Cile 1962 Mondiali di Calcio and I have added this new information to the original post. The stickers are unnumbered and are numbered here for reference purposes only.

  1. Armfield  (Inghilterra)   -   added  -   thanks to Harri
  2. Byrne (Inghilterra)
  3. Connelly (Inghilterra)
  4. Crawford (Inghilterra)
  5. Douglas (Inghilterra)
  6. Flowers (Inghilterra)
  7. Greaves (Inghilterra)
  8. Haynes (Inghilterra)
  9. Hodghinson (Inghilterra) (sic - Hodgkinson)
  10. Hunt (Inghilterra)
  11. McNeil (Inghilterra)   -   added
  12. Melia (Inghilterra)   -   added  -   thanks to Harri
  13. Milson (Inghilterra) (sic - Wilson)
  14. Mullery (Inghilterra)   -   added
  15. Musgrove (Inghilterra)
  16. Norman (Inghilterra)
  17. Pinter (Inghilterra) (sic - Pointer)
  18. Robson (Inghilterra)
  19. Springett (Inghilterra)
  20. Swann (Inghilterra)

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  1. Good morning to you. Nice to wake up to see this, thank you, though I owe what I know to Karl in Italy really. I got my info from his blogs. I wonder when we will find Bobby Charlton in this Mira deck? He must be out there. That would mean 21 cards. What a mighty series! Thanks again to you all


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