Saturday 13 May 2017

Perfetti Gum - International Stars

International Stars
Perfetti Gum
20 Footballers

Øivind Taskén has very kindly provided a checklist for this collection which I have also listed under Monty Gum. This checklist is just a form of housekeeping, some collectors might be looking for these cards as Perfetti Gum issues rather than Monty Gum.

Albert (Florian)
Altafini (Jose)
Asparuhov (Georgi)
Bekenbaur (sic) (Franz)
B. Charlton (Bobby)
Chislenko (Igor)
Combin (Nestor)
Corbo (Walter)
Greaves (Jimmy)
Haller (Helmut)
Law (Denis)
Mazzola (Sandro)
Moore (Bobby)
Rivera (Gianni)
Schnellinger (Karl-Heinz)
Suárez (Luis)
Van Himst (Paul)

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