Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Daily Mail - (DAI-280) Football Teams (1935-36)

(DAI-280) Football Teams
Daily Mail
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Martin Bennett recently provided a scan of a Southampton team group issued in the Daily Mail in 1934-5. He has now provided another photo which is from the following season. I can't find any reference to the Daily Mail issuing team photos during the 1935-36 season so this item is unrecorded. Unfortunately this one has been trimmed and pasted onto a backing sheet and the line-up has been pasted over the bottom part of the photo. A Sheffield Wednesday team group is pasted on the other side of the sheet and seems to come from another source as the typeface is different but I've included the photo here just in case someone might be able to identify it.

Southampton F.C.


  1. I have a Cardiff one from this year (well, I have narrowed it down to 1935-36) it has been stuck on to card with a Carlisle United one on the other side, maybe it's from the same source as this Southampton one. It has also been cut, team name etc and stuck back on. I will send you a photo when I get chance.

    1. Fascinating, I'd love to see the photo of the Cardiff City one.


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