Saturday, 1 April 2017

Kick! magazine - Premier League 2015-16 League Ladder (02) - Everton Team Tab

Everton Team Tab
Kick! magazine
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Paul Chauveau has sent in this photo of an Everton team tab as he is unable to discover where it comes from. Paul tells me that the badge used on the tab was only in use for one season - 2013-14. It was replaced as it was unpopular with the fans.
Match magazine issued a League Ladder for 2013-14, after a hiatus of two seasons, and again in 2014-15, but Match team tabs don't look like this Everton one.
The design is reminiscent of the Match of the Day magazine team tabs during the same period. The problem with that is, the Match of the Day League Ladder for the Premier League used small cardboard scarves instead of the usual team tabs. Another problem is they typeface, it doesn't match those used for recent Match of the Day team tabs.
The Everton team tab obviously came from a larger sheet as the perforations are visible, but who issued it? If you can help unravel this problem please get in touch. 
UPDATE (06-08-2017 14:20):  This team tab comes from the League Ladder issued by Kick! magazine for the 2015-16 season, which only featured the Premier League. I've amended the headings accordingly.

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