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Sport magazine - SPO-040/SPN-2 Team Picture Books - Presented by Sport (03)

SPO-040/SPN-2 Team Picture Books - Presented by Sport
Sport magazine
6 booklets, 36 team photos

Roger Pashby has been doing some research:

I had always believed that these booklets of coloured 1949-50 season team photo postcards had been given away in separate issues of SPORT Magazine, but I have just discovered that this is not the case. In fact fans had to collect coupons from the inside of each issue, six for each of the booklets, and then send the completed form together with one shilling to cover the costs of despatching, posting and insurance.
According to documentation within the Leeds United issue of 2nd September, 1949:
“Charlton, Fulham and Leeds are the first three teams to be included in the sets. Watch out for our next three issues which will contain the second trio of the first six.”
And this is followed by this, in the next issue:
“Charlton, Fulham, Leeds and Aston Villa are the first four teams to be included in the sets. Watch out for our next two issues which will contain the fifth and sixth of the first set.”
Text inside the 2nd September 1949 Leeds United issue states that the first two coupons and a ‘Reservation Form’ had already been issued, presumably starting with the issue with Fulham on the cover on August 19th, 1949. Text inside the Manchester City issue reads:
“This week we print the final coupon for our first set of pictures …” 
which, again, ties in perfectly with your lists.
The teams that would eventually appear in your lists for the booklets correspond perfectly to the pictures on the covers, thus:

19th August 1949: Fulham
26th August 1949: Charlton Athletic
2nd September 1949: Leeds United
9th September 1949: Aston Villa
16th September 1949: Huddersfield Town *
23rd September 1949: Manchester City

30th September 1949: Sheffield United
7th October 1949: Arsenal *
14th October 1949: Sheffield Wednesday
21st October 1949: Liverpool
28th October 1949: Blackburn Rovers
4th November 1949: Coventry City (background removed)

11th November 1949: Notts County
18th November 1949: West Ham United
25th November 1949: Portsmouth
2nd December 1949: Southampton *
9th December 1949: Newcastle United
16th December 1949: Queens Park Rangers

24th December 1949: Middlesbrough
30th December 1949: Manchester United
6th January 1950: Leicester City
13th January 1950: Barnsley
20th January 1950: Swansea Town
27th January 1950: Chesterfield

3rd February 1950: Hull City
10th February 1950: Bristol Rovers
17th February 1950: Sunderland
24th February 1950: Tottenham Hotspur
3rd March 1950: Southport
10th March 1950: Bury

17th March 1950: Bolton Wanderers
24th March 1950: Everton
31st March 1950: West Bromwich Albion
7th April 1950: Blackpool
14th April 1950: Rochdale
21st April 1950: Rotherham United *

NB: I have filled in teams above where I am 100% certain and have evidence that they are the featured/cover team; those for which I have no evidence but I am extremely certain are correct are marked thus ‘*’.
You will note that, as I said, the lists tie in perfectly with your lists per booklet of postcards.
So from this, we can surmise that the first three booklets were available in the tail end of 1949 and the remainder in the first few months of 1950.

Roger Pashby
The Huddersfield Town Collection

The full checklist can be found here: Sport magazine - SPO-040/SPN-2 Team Picture Books - Presented by Sport 
and a complete illustrated checklist of all 36 cards can be seen here - Sport magazine - SPO-040/SPN-2 Team Picture Books ~ Presented by Sport (02).

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  1. Great research by Roger - thanks for sharing. Just going through this set and noticed that Don Revie appears on both the Leicester and Hull cards. He transferred in November 1949 and is noted as having moved clubs on the Leicester card.


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