Friday 31 March 2017

Panini - Road to 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia sticker collection (05) - Packets

Road to 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia sticker collection
480 stickers

The post will be updated with different packets as images become available, the first is the packet available in North America.
UPDATE (29-04-2017 15:11):  Wila75 has sent in scans of the Belgian packet. Also adding two different versions from Chile, a French packet and the packet available in USA and Canada.
UPDATE (04-05-2017 13:22):  Daniel Nedelcu has provided a scan of the packet available in Romania.
UPDATE (09-06-2017 12:41):  The United Kingdom packet without a barcode added. 

Belgium, United Kingdom
Chile - Contiene 5 Figuritas
Chile - Contiene 5 Stickers
USA - 7 stickers; barcode
Czech Repiblic - Corfix sticker
United Kingdom - no barcode


  1. Whats the difference between the packets from Romania and Belgium?

  2. Good afternoon:
    Does that packet from Romania really exist? Here is the only place where it is named, how could you get it?

    1. I was sent the photos from a Romanian collector, though I must say the pictures look similar to the Belgium/UK version.

  3. My doubt is due to the fact that in no other website, blog... in any facebook group... nobody knows about that packet, even Romanian collectors don't know about it

  4. It may have a pink barcode but... nobody knows that packet... except Daniel Nedelcu who is the one who provided the scan. Can you contact him?

    1. I Haven't heard from Daniel for a long time, I will try and contact him.


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