Friday, 31 March 2017

Daily Mail - (DAI-280) Football Teams (1934-5)

(DAI-280) Football Teams
Daily Mail
12 known

Large supplements included with the Daily Mail newspaper, measuring 12" x 10". Bristol City and Cardiff City were in Division Three (South) and Walsall were in Division Three (North) at the time so it's possible that all the Football League teams were available, either as a regular supplement throughout most of the season or as regional issues. Unfortunately one collector was a little over-zealous, cutting down the supplements to the photo and pasting the team name and the names of the players on the bottom of the photograph. My Cardiff City one has undergone this treatment and I've seen the Bristol City and West Ham United ones vandalized in the same way.

Arsenal F.C. 1934-5
Bolton Wanderers F.C. 1934-5
Bristol City F.C. 1934-5
Cardiff City F.C. 1934-5
Charlton Athletic F.C. 1934-5
Fulham F.C. 1934-5
Grimsby Town F.C. 1934-5
Huddersfield Town F.C. 1934-5
Sheffield Wednesday F.C. 1934-5
Southampton F.C. 1934-5   -   added 02-05-2017   -    thanks to Martin Bennett
Walsall F.C. 1934-5
West Bromwich Albion F.C. 1934-5
West Ham United F.C. 1934-5

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