Sunday 16 April 2017

Sportfoto - (SPO-130/DAA-2) Footballers

(SPO-130/DAA-2) Footballers
32 cards

An almost complete illustrated checklist, just card no, 32 missing. If you can provide a scan to complete this checklist please let me know.

(SPO-130/DAA-2) Footballers
Name normal spacing; All text in serifs, 'Sportfoto' in title case

1.  Wilf Mannion (Middlesborough) (sic)
2.  Stan Matthews (Blackpool)
3.  Bill Holden (Burnley)
4.  Ted Ditchburn (Tottenham)
5.  Bert Trautmann (Manchester City)
6.  Joe Mercer (Arsenal)
7.  Derek Dooley (Retired)
8.  Trevor Ford (Sunderland)
9.  Tom Finney (Preston North End)
10.  Billy Liddell (Liverpool)
11.  Peter Doherty (Doncaster)
12.  J. Hancocks (Wolverhampton)
13.  Jack Sewell (Sheffield Wednesday)
14.  Jimmy Logie (Arsenal)
15.  John Carey (Manager Blackburn Rov.)
16.  Alf Ringstead (Sheffield United)
17.  George Robledo (Chile)
18.  Nat Lofthouse (Bolton Wanderers)
19.  Alf Ramsey (Tottenham)
20.  Bill Eckersley (Blackburn Rovers)
21.  Eddie Quigley (Blackburn Rovers)
22.  Charles Mitten (Fulham)
23.  Roy Paul (Manchester City)
24.  Ray Lambert (Liverpool)
25.  Jack Rowley (Manchester United)
26.  Ivor Broadis (Manchester City)
27.  Ted Burgin (Sheffield United)
28.  Henry Cockburn (Manchester United)
29.  Albert Quixall (Sheffield Wednesday)
30.  Jack Milburn (Newcastle United)
31.  Les Duquemin (Tottenham)
32.  Redfern Froggatt (Sheffield Wednesday)


  1. No 1 shows Middlesborough instead of Middlesbrough

    1. That makes a change - I spell it correctly when it's incorrect on the card.




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