Tuesday 18 April 2017

Panini (France) - Foot 2016-17 (13) - S1-S12 Stickers

Foot 2016-17
942 stickers

An illustrated checklist of the twelve extra stickers along the lines of the extra stickers issued with the Calciatori 2016-17 collection in Italy.

S1.  J'Peux Pas J'Ai Foot!
S2.  Football
S3.  Je M'En Foot!
S4.  Panini
S5.  Foot
S6.  Keep Calm and Play Foot
S7.  Fo Foot Foot Foot...
S8.  Panini Fou de Foot
S9.  J'Peux Pas J'Ai Foot!
S10.  Panini Foot
S11.  Made in Foot
S12.  Fou de Foot!

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