Friday 21 April 2017

Panini (Italy) - Calciatori 2016-2017 (17) - Fuori Raccolta P1 x 4

Calciatori 2016-2017
745 stickers

When I compiled an illustrated checklist for the twelve 'P' stickers I didn't realise that each of the twelve stickers comes in four different versions. Here are the four different P1 stickers. The illustrated checklist of the twelve 'P' stickers can be found here - Panini (Italy) - Calciatori 2016-2017 (06) - Fuori Raccolta P1-P12.

Cuoricini (Hearts)
Fuochi d'Artificio (Fireworks)
Galassia (Galaxy)
Glitterato (Glitter)

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