Thursday 27 April 2017

Panini - Road to 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Adrenalyn XL (20) - XXL Limited Edition

Road to 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Adrenalyn XL
13 known

The first XXL Limited Edition cards have been issued.
UPDATE (29-04-2017 07:12):  Thanks to Ivica Dodig for providing the name of another XXL Limited Edition card - Kevin De Bruyne (Belgium).
UPDATE (10-05-2017 12:41):  Ivica Dodig has informed me of four more XXL cards found in the Nordic Edition.
UPDATE (11-05-2017 17:45):  Twan van der Zandt has provided information about XXL cards issued in Belgium and the Netherlands.
UPDATE (13-05-2017 15:36):  Twan van der Zandt has provided more information on where to find some of the Nordic Edition XXL's can be found, via a comment below.
UPDATE (15-05-2017 17:16):  Elżbieta Schultz at makscollection has provided some new scans including one new XXL card - Antoine Griezmann (France). Thanks also to Ivica Dodig.
UPDATE (17-05-2017 18:32)  Thanks to Jari Tukeva for information on the Finnish XXL cards

534.  Eden Hazard (Belgium) - Starter Pack - Belgium; Turkey
535.  Kevin De Bruyne (Belgium) - Starter Pack - Belgium; Turkey   -   added 29-04-2017   -   thanks to Ivica Dodig
544.  Diego Costa (Spain) - Starter Pack - Finland; Turkey
557.  Antoine Griezmann (France) - Giftbox - Toys'R'Us exclusive - Nordic Edition   -   updated  -  thanks to Elżbieta Schultz
569.  Wesley Sneijder (Netherlands) - Starter Pack - Finland; Starter Pack - Netherlands; Turkey
570.  Arjen Robben (Netherlands) - Starter Pack - Netherlands; Turkey
578.  Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) - Starter Pack - Toys'R'Us exclusive - Nordic Edition   -   thanks to Ivica Dodig, Twan van der Zandt, Elżbieta Schultz
587.  Gareth Bale (Wales) - Giftbox - Nordic Edition   -   thanks to Ivica DodigTwan van der Zandt, Elżbieta Schultz
588.  Sergio Agüero (Argentina) - Starter Pack - Finland; Turkey
590.  Lionel Messi (Argentina) - Starter Pack - Nordic Edition   -   thanks to Ivica DodigTwan van der Zandt, Elżbieta Schultz
591.  Philippe Coutinho (Brazil) - Turkey
592.  Neymar Jr. (Brazil) - Starter Pack - Toys'R'Us exclusive - Nordic Edition   -   thanks to Ivica Dodig, Elżbieta Schultz
594.  Falcao (Colombia) - Turkey


  1. Arjen Robben XXL and Wesley Sneijder XXL are also available in the Dutch starter packs. And Kevin de Bruyne XXL and Eden Hazard XXL are also available in the Belgian starter packs.

  2. Another update. It is al ready listed that Neymar Jr., Messi, Ronaldo and Bale can be found with the Nordic edition release. So far I found that Messi or Ronaldo is in the Nordic starter pack and that it is visable which one is in it (in the Belgian and Dutch starters it is not visable). Bale is in the Nordic Giftbox. Does anyone know where Neymar Jr. can be found?
    The 4 cards that are only listed as available in Turkey now (Falcao, Aguero, Coutinho and Diego Costa) will be issued as a promotion card in toystores in The Netherlands in a few weeks!

    1. Hi Twan,

      Thank you very much. I have just updated the checklist.



  3. Does anyone know if there is also an XXL of Sergio Ramos. I heard that it is a Toys'R'Us exclusive for the Nordics. It should be in a starter or in a giftbox. So far I haven't seen it.


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