Thursday 27 April 2017

Panini - Road to 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Adrenalyn XL (14) - Limited Edition

Road to 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Adrenalyn XL
64 cards (64 shown)

This list is compiled from the information I added to my blog yesterday, plus details of more cards kindly provided by Jens Schröder and his website. The cards are unnumbered and are numbered here for reference purposes only - makes it easier to count how many are listed.
UPDATE (20-04-2017 18:53):  Scan of a Lionel Messi card added, thanks to Pseudonym.
UPDATE (25-04-2017 11:30):  Jens Schröder has provided some more information on Limited Edition cards in Germany. Elżbieta Schultz at has provided scans of 22 new Limited Edition cards that are currently listed on eBay.
UPDATE (25-04-2017 14:32):  UK Limited Edition details added.
UPDATE (26-04-2017 09:37):  Thanks to mszaby for providing information about the Hungarian Limited Edition cards.
UPDATE (27-04-2017 09:23):  More cards added - Vardy (England), Candreva (Italy) and Isak (Sweden), thanks to Elżbieta Schultz at
UPDATE (27-04-2017 12:32): Richard at has provided the complete list of Limited Edition cards with the numbers given to them by Panini even though these numbers do not appear on the cards. I have updated the list and reorganized the illustrations.
UPDATE (27-04-2017 20:44):  Four more added.
UPDATE (28-04-2017 17:20):  Another four added - just 10 to find.
UPDATE (28-04-2017 17:58):  The Limited Edition Premium Gold Online Card added.
UPDATE (29-04-2017 17:09):  Two more added - Christian Eriksen and Manuel Neuer, thanks to Neil Goulding for the scans. The cards can be found on eBay.
UPDATE (30-04-2017 10:04):  Four more added to the illustrated checklist - Andrés Iniesta (Spain), Joel Pohjanpalo (Finland), Antoine Griezmann (France) and Yann Sommer (Switzerland). 
Just four left to find - Luka Modrić (Croatia), Mario Götze (Germany), Gianluigi Buffon (Italy) and Granit Xhaka (Switzerland).
UPDATE (02-05-2017 09:15):  Ivica Dodig has provided photos of the four missing Limited Edition cards, though the pictures are smaller I still thought it worthwhile including them. Larger images will be added when they become available.
UPDATE (10-05-2017 11:59):  Ivica Dodig has provided photos of the two different Online cards - 5 coins and 20 coins.
UPDATE (11-05-2017 14:22):  Jari Tukeva has provided details on where to find all the Finnish Limited Edition cards.
UPDATE (28-05-2017 11:46):  Jari Tukeva has informed me that I made a mistake when including Ricardo Rodriguez as one of the Finnish Limited Edition cards, it's actually James Rodriguez. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
UPDATE (07-06-2017 22:06):  Information on where to find the Gianluigi Buffon LE in Poland added, thanks to Jari Tukeva.

534.  Eden Hazard (Belgium) - Multi-Pack - Germany; Poland; Tin - Switzerland; Starter Pack - UK
535.  Kevin De Bruyne (Belgium) Starter Pack, Multipack - Finland; Mini Tin - Germany; Poland; Premium Gold packet - UK
536.  Luka Modrić (Croatia) - Blister - Germany
537.  Ivan Rakitić (Croatia) Starter Pack, Multipack - Finland; Multi-Pack - Germany; Premium Gold packet - UK
538.  Viktor Fischer (Denmark) - Blister - Germany; Poland; Premium packet - UK
539.  Kasper Dolberg (Denmark) Starter Pack, Multipack - Finland; Poland; Premium packet - Switzerland; 
540.  Christian Eriksen (Denmark) - Premium Gold packet - UK
541.  Jamie Vardy (England) Starter Pack, Multipack - Finland; Blister - Germany; Turkey, Premium packet - UK
542.  Wayne Rooney (England) - Multi-Pack - Germany; Poland; Starter Pack - UK
543.  David De Gea (Spain) - Blister - Germany; Poland
544.  Diego Costa (Spain) Starter Pack, Multipack - Finland; Premier Gold pack - Germany; Poland; Strike It magazine - UK
545.  Andrés Iniesta (Spain) - Mega Tin - Germany; Premier Gold pack - Poland
546.  Niklas Moisander (Finland) - Starter Pack, Multipack - Finland; Blister - Germany
547.  Robin Lod (Finland) - Starter Pack, Multipack - Finland
548.  Përparim Hetemaj (Finland) - Starter Pack, Multipack - Finland
549.  Alexander Ring (Finland) - Starter Pack, Multipack - Finland
550.  Thomas Lam (Finland) - Starter Pack, Multipack - Finland
551.  Joel Pohjanpalo (Finland) - Starter Pack, Multipack - Finland; Multi-Pack - Germany
552.  Eero Markkanen (Finland) - Starter Pack, Multipack - Finland
553.  Teemu Pukki (Finland) - Starter Pack, Multipack - Finland
554.  Hugo Lloris (France) Starter Pack, Multipack - Finland; Multi-Pack - Germany; Poland; Premium packet - UK
555.  Dimitri Payet (France) Starter Pack, Multipack - Finland; Blister - Germany; Tin - Poland
556.  Paul Pogba (France) - Multi-Pack - Germany; Poland; Starter Pack
557.  Antoine Griezmann (France) - Premier Gold pack - Germany; Strike It magazine - UK
558.  Mario Götze (Germany) - - Germany; Premier Gold pack - Poland
559.  Toni Kroos (Germany) - - Germany; Poland; Turkey
560.  Manuel Neuer (Germany) - #Boom magazine 3/2017 – published 2 June, 2017 - Germany; Premium Gold packet - UK
561.  Thomas Müller (Germany) Starter Pack, Multipack - Finland; Paule magazine 1/2017 – published 5 May, 2017 - Germany; Classic Tin - Poland
562.  Zoltán Gera (Hungary) - Mini Tin & Mega Tin - Hungary
563.  László Kleinheisler (Hungary) - Multi-Pack - Germany; Mega Tin - Hungary; Turkey
564.  Balázs Dzsudzsák (Hungary) - Mega Starter Pack - Hungary; Turkey
565.  Ádám Nagy (Hungary) - Mini Tin - Hungary; Turkey
566.  Ádám Szalai (Hungary) - Blister - Germany; Starter Pack - Hungary
567.  Antonio Candreva (Italy) - Blister - Germany; Tin - Poland
568.  Gianluigi Buffon (Italy) - Just Kick-it magazine 6/2017 - Poland;
569.  Wesley Sneijder (Netherlands) Starter Pack, Multipack - Finland; Multi-Pack - Germany; Poland
570.  Arjen Robben (Netherlands) - Blister - Germany; Classic Tin - Poland
571.  Markus Henriksen (Norway)
572.  Robert Lewandowski (Poland) - Just Kick-it magazine 6/2017 – published 5 May, 2017 - Germany; Poland; Premium Gold packet - Switzerland; Strike It magazine - UK
573.  Łukasz Fabiański (Poland) - Poland
574.  Łukasz Piszczek (Poland) - Blister - Germany; Poland; Turkey
575.  Piotr Zieliński (Poland) - Poland
576.  Arkadiusz Milik (Poland) - Multi-Pack - Germany; Poland; Turkey
577.  João Mário (Portugal) Starter Pack, Multipack - Finland; Multi-Pack - Germany; Poland; Premium packet - UK
578.  Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) - - Germany; Poland; Classic Tin - UK
579.  Yann Sommer (Switzerland) - Blister - Germany; Tin - Switzerland
580.  Fabian Schär (Switzerland) - Premium packet - Switzerland
581.  Ricardo Rodríguez (Switzerland) 
582.  Granit Xhaka (Switzerland) - Multi-Pack - Germany
583.  Blerim Džemaili (Switzerland) - Premium Gold packet - Switzerland
584.  Breel Embolo (Switzerland) - Multi-Pack - Germany
585.  Alexander Isak (Sweden) Starter Pack, Multipack - Finland; Blister - Germany
586.  Victor Lindelöf (Sweden) - Turkey
587.  Gareth Bale (Wales) - Multi-Pack - Germany; Classic Tin - Poland; Mini Tin - UK
588.  Sergio Agüero (Argentina) - Blister - Germany; Mini Tin - Poland; Strike It magazine - UK
589.  Paulo Dybala (Argentina) - Premium Gold packet - UK
590.  Lionel Messi (Argentina) - Starter Pack - Germany; Mini Tin - Poland; Tin - Switzerland; Premium packet - UK
591.  Philippe Coutinho (Brazil) Starter Pack, Multipack - Finland; Blister - Germany; Premium packet - UK
592.  Neymar Jr. (Brazil) - Just Kick-it magazine 7/2017 – published 2 June, 2017 - Germany; Starter Pack - UK
593.  Alexis Sánchez (Chile) - Poland; Premium packet - Switzerland; Premium Gold packet - UK
594.  Falcao (Colombia) Starter Pack, Multipack - Finland; Blister - Germany; Poland; Turkey; Premium packet - UK
595.  James Rodríguez (Colombia) Starter Pack, Multipack - Finland; Multi-Pack - Germany
596.  Javier Hernández (Mexico) - Multi-Pack - Germany; Poland

Premium Gold Online Card - 5 coins
Premium Gold Online Card - 20 coins


  1. To be honest - it's look like a very poor collection. For me there is no different between limited and other cards. And also design is horrible.

    I think this collection isn't worth any money, even if it will be able to buy on sale.

    1. totally agree. those who are collecting this (myself included) are doing it for the fact that we have the others, and we are used to make them all which has became uncecesary and extremely expensive..

  2. it is impossible for Hungary, Switzerland and Portugal to be in the collection. So this must be an error from Panini or they are not doing realistic predictions for who will be in the World Cup 2018.

  3. I'm really surprised Finland are in the collection: they are 9 points of the play-off places and level on points with Kosovo (1 point in total). It is extremely unlikely they will qualify.

  4. Its the same for France, Netherlands and Sweden:they cant all qualify.

    1. I think the choice of countries has more to do with where Panini intend to sell the collection rather than whether the teams will actually reach the World Cup tournament in Russia next year.


    2. No wonder Hungary are in it then. But I find that quite annoying. Thank you anyway.

  5. Messi limited edition:

  6. Also some other cards here:


  8. Hi Alan,

    News from Hungary:

    Nagy Ádám in min tin
    Gera mini & in big tin
    Kleinheisler in big tin
    Dzsudzsák in megastarter
    Szalai in smaller starter


    1. Thank you mszaby, I've added this information to the checklist.


  9. Christian Eriksen instead if Erikssen.

  10. I'm in London for few days. Can anyone tell in what stores I can find cards from this collection?

    1. Hi,

      You should be able to get them in stores like Toys'R'Us, newsagents like W.H. Smith and supermarkets like Tesco and Sainsbury.


  11. OK. Will try on Tuesday. So far I found only starterpacks in Tesco and in Morrison store. Thanks for the tip.

  12. It's only Businness Poland,Hungary,Turkey are big markets for Panini,Panini is Italy based, but this collection will be not available in Italy and unfortunately many Limited Edition as XXL are only available in Turkey and prices skyrocked...

  13. Hi Alan,

    Just to let you know I got a Messi LE in a Polish pocket tin.

  14. HI, is there any photos to show the difference from Premium Gold Online Card 5 coins and 20 coins? Thank you

    1. Hi,

      I haven't been able to get any good photos yet but the reverse of the cards have 5 and 20 gold discs printed on them respectively. There may also be cards with other quantities of gold coins too, but these are the only two I know of so far.


  15. Hey,

    Does anybody know where I can find these guys?
    547. Robin Lod (Finland)
    548. Përparim Hetemaj (Finland)
    549. Alexander Ring (Finland)
    550. Thomas Lam (Finland)
    552. Eero Markkanen (Finland)
    553. Teemu Pukki (Finland)

    Thanks, Zsolt

  16. Hello Alan, I opened a Polish pocket tin and got Aguero limited edition card. Regards.

  17. Hi Alan,
    In a Polish classic tin I opened today my 3 LEs were Bale, Muller & Robben. I hope this helps your post. Will update you with a 2nd classic tin once it's opened. Thank you.

  18. Blerim Dzemaili is found in the PREMIIUM GOLD Special Edition in Switzerland together with Robert Lewandowski and one of the two Online Coins-Cards. Fabian Schär, Kaspar Dolberg and Alexis Sanchez in Premium Boosters in Switzerland.

    1. Thank you very much for your help. I will add this information to the checklist.


    2. Tin in Switzerland contains Yann Sommer, Eden Hazard, Lionel Messi.

    3. Thank you for letting me know, I've added this information to the checklist.



  19. Mario Gotze & Anders Iniesta are both found in Polish Premium Gold packs.

  20. Hi Alan.
    It is rather James Rodrigues existing in Finnish packs than Ricardo. We are not THAT lucky over here... :)

    1. Hi Jari,

      Thanks for letting me know my mistake, I've updated the list.


  21. Hello,

    I have a question about the Premium Gold Online Cards. On they listed 2 different cards. One with the value of 5 coins and one with the value of 50 coins. Is this correct? I think 50 must be 20 or not? Or maybe in The UK there are also cards with 50? Do you know anything about this?


    1. Hi Twan,

      I think that may be a mistake on I only know of the 5 and 20 coin versions.

      Take care,


  22. Hi Alan.
    Buffon LE is available in Polish Just Kick it Magazine 6/17.,p1044815937,prasa-p


    1. Thank you Jari, I'll add that information to the checklist.



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