Friday 28 April 2017

A&BC - (AAB-360/ABF-47-1) Footballers - 1st/2nd/3rd Series - 1969-70 Green backs (04) - Variation - 2nd Series Checklist

(AAB-360-2/ABF-47-1) Footballers - 3rd Series
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55 cards

The checklist for the second series can be found with the list in four or five columns. The five column checklist was replaced by the four column checklist where three players have been replaced.

(AAB-360-2/ABF-47-1) Footballers - 2nd Series - errors / varieties

NNO.  Checklist (four columns)

NNO.  Checklist (five columns)

Incorrect Listing - Five columns

66.  Andy Lochhead (Leicester City)

68.  John Toshack (Cardiff City)
105.  Willie Morgan (Manchester City)

Correct Listing - Four columns

66.  Chris Cattlin (Coventry City)

68.  Ernie Hunt (Coventry City)
105.  John Dempsey (Chelsea)


  1. Hi, I have just got hold of a 4 column checklist and I think that it is the 5 column list that holds the correct names.


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