Wednesday 26 April 2017

Fosters Lager / Scottish Courage - Sporting Greats (04) - Football Mastercard

Sporting Greats - Mastercard
Fosters Lager / Scottish Courage
5 cards (1 Football)

As part of competitions to win pairs of tickets for sporting events Fosters also issued special Mastercards for each of the five sports covered in the set - football, cricket, golf, rugby and tennis. Here's the Football Mastercard, collecting this card and the six football card entitles the lucky participant to two tickets for the Coca Cola Cup Final at Wembley Stadium on 24 March, 1996. The word 'cancelled' is written across the back of the card, probably indicating that it has been used in the competition.
UPDATE (08-02-2023 15:18):  Glyn Roberts has provided scans of the uncancelled card.

Sporting Greats - Mastercard - without 'Cancelled' on reverse
Sporting Greats - Mastercard - with 'Cancelled' on reverse

Football Mastercard - The Winning Goal
Cricket Mastercard - The Winning Six
Golf Mastercard - The Winning Drive
Rugby Mastercard - The Winning Try
Tennis Mastercard - The Winning Volley

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  1. Very difficult to obtain all 5 of these, especially non cancelled versions.


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